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  1. Yeah she said im defo strong enough but I needed to push more into my shoulders and forearms, which I didn't do. She also suggested that I pracrice dolphin a little more so that I can get the motion. My neck is ok, I defo did the work on the muscles around my neck though, they're 'stressed' but it feels like I've lifted weights rather then injured myself, thank you for asking. Hopefully I haven't jarred myself too bad.
  2. So today, I got stuck in headstand. It was my first time in the pose really and I think I was a little bit over excited to try it. Anyway I came up but my neck caved in and I got stuck, to make things worse, I panicked and farted on my teacher as she tried to help me out. (She totally ignored that but I was MORTIFIED) Any tips?! Lol
  3. I don't think it's a sin in any way, yoga is a way to speak to and seal your conversation with God. If not then its a way to connect with yourself at the betterment of yourself so how can that be a sin?! You don't have to chant in Sanskrit or anything if you don't want to. Classes or your own practice doesn't have to mean something holy or in this case a sin, it can be a way of finding what feels good in YOUR body
  4. My brother is a herbalife rep, he's got my mum on it too, she lost a stone in 5 weeks without exercise. Me on the other hand, I hate it. All of it, the smell makes me sick, honestly I tried it for like 4 days and every time I had a shake I couldn't keep it down, it wasn't for me AT ALL. But my mum is doing well on it. Try it and see
  5. Anahata, I think that your story is inspirational! You've basically nursed yourself back to health even though people said it wasn't possible. AWESOME! I think one of the most important lessons yoga has taught me is that it's not always about the big things, it's about small victories. You slowly but surely worked things out with your foot @Anahata. It's about small stuff and the big stuff will come to us. Like... flexing the feel and keeping the legs engaged in half moon when 4 weeks ago you couldn't even lift the leg parallel.
  6. See I don't suffer from anxiety however, I think most people come to depression in some way or another at some stage. Even though I've not really had anxiety issues I've noticed I'm more carefree about most things, yoga has definitely helped me to be more laid back and it's a trait I've really come to appreciate in myself ?. It's just like @yogafire said, let go and acknowledge that you can't control everything.
  7. What bought everyone to yoga?! We all came for a reason, what were yours? I came to it randomly on YouTube, I was going though somethings in my personal life (stuck in a rut, getting over a bad breakup) anyway, I started watching yoga tutorials online and I was just FASCINATED by all the ways you could move your body. Anyway after much internal debate, I took a class. In that class the teacher started talking about small shifts in your life and everything absolutely clicked inside me and it's stuck with me since.
  8. Chanting makes me laugh Meditation doesn't come easily to me, AT ALL!
  9. If not, try and start out with some half sun salutations to warm up, then move into full? Start out small, don't compare yourself to others either. I personally found yoga very hard and I couldn't keep up with a class. I was the only black girl in a class of white women but did that stop me?! Of course not! You can do this!!! ????
  10. Totally agree with you, if I practiced against a wall I'd probably knock a picture frame off! I know we all like to try and get the poses that look 'cool' but I like Gate and thread the needle. They help me work out the kinks in my body which to me is what the physical aspects of yoga are about. Think about it, most people don't come to yoga because they do, most come for fitness or to help some sort of ailment, physical or not. The poses I find are at most comfortable with my body and practice are the things that come naturally like cat and cow, child's, supine twists ect because you can find a part of those which work entirely for you rather than forcing yourself into a headstand or Pincha. I think it's the simple poses that make up the practice
  11. It's the curse of being tall. I'm exactly the same
  12. Larry how is your posture overall? I know that because I stand all day I hunch over a lot, so I can stick out my neck a bit. Also stick out your bum a bit more on tip toes! And then lower down to see if that helps?
  13. That comment about knee caps made me die HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I know what you mean about full expression of the pose but take the baby steps! If you can balance In one, you can do it in the other.
  14. Height does matter! I'm 6ft so I know what you mean, that always used to happen to me. Do you come up onto toes or are the feet flat on the floor? I'm up on toes and I can hold the balance. If my feet are flat I can't.
  15. Aloha! I tend to do other work outs too. A lot of weights and a bit of cardio. Mainly stuff like walking lunges, squats and all that good stuff. If anything I do one every other. So Monday is yoga, Tuesday Is weights, Wednesday is yoga and so on. Hope that helps