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  1. I actually have Namaslay! I forgot those were there! Thanks!
  2. For me a written list would be fantastic!
  3. Hello! I am at an intermediate level and my home practice consists of following videos, which I love! However, now I am at a point where I know how to do all of the poses so hearing over and over how to do them in my favorite videos isn't helpful. I cant seem to find any good yoga classes written down! I have watched and paused videos to write them myself but it takes so long! I would love to have a few 30-60 minute sequences that I can reference! If Candace posted her class outlines that would be soooo helpful to me!! Thanks, Nicole
  4. Hello, I just bought a deck of yoga cards and love trying new sequences on pinterest but I would love to know, when you are following a sequence and there is only one side of a pose, say triangle pose on the left side, but it doesn't tell you to do the right side, do you do it right after? Or do you do the whole sequence again with the right side? Also when it says repeat each movement 4 times, is that just do the whole sequence 4 times?
  5. This is about a year old but I love the idea of printable sequences! Has there been any progress on this?
  6. Hello! I have been practicing yoga somewhat consistently for the past 6 months or so and I was wondering what people do every day, what poses do you incorporate every time you practice, do you have a goto sequence? I am doing this at home and usually just pick a random video of Candace's and it feels good, but I would love to have more of a guideline or loose structure to go on in advancing my practice. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Candace got me into yoga and I love everything I learn about it and am hungry for more, just need something to keep me going and getting on the mat everyday instead of skipping a session because I can't decide what to work on that day. Thank you in advance! Nicole