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  1. I'm Jo, a New Zealander living in Beijing, China. I've been taken various yoga classes on and off for years, but am finally committing to a home practice this year. I also run, cycle and do pilates and would like to work towards inversions.
  2. Living in China I'm spoilt for tea I drink pu'er tea daily, loose leaf, in mugs that I can just top up with hot water during the day. I recently found a brand that blends pu'er with other favors like jasmine, rose or citrus.
  3. I'm in, going to work on back bends to improve my wheel pose.
  4. I'm also a runner, just completed my third half marathon 2 weeks ago. I don't run as much as I would like due to working nightshirts & bad air quality on my days off. I'm also pretty slack when it comes to stretching before/after runs, but I have found yoga on non-run days has loosened my hamstrings. I'm going to try putting a short pre/post run flow on my phone so I have no excuse not to do it when I run.