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  1. I have used a crock pot before, but I haven't used one lately. I think that is an awesome suggestion, especially if I want to make a meal for my family to have while I am working that night. I'm glad you mentioned the rest day - I'm thinking I might can put a couple of rest days in there when I am super busy and then do yoga/cardio on the days I won't be as busy. I like your idea of doing things in chunks! That's really helpful. I tend to split things up throughout the week but setting aside a bigger time to do just one thing might be helpful. I definitely don't schedule enough down time, so I like the idea of doing that before bed. maybe I can do one of your nighttime yoga routines, too! Thanks so much, Candace. I've been so stressed trying to fit everything in, and your suggestions are going to be a ton of help and something I will come back to to review a lot.
  2. Hi guys, So I am finding myself increasingly having trouble managing my time. I don't *think* I am putting too much on my plate, I just don't think I'm maximizing my time very well. I'm a full time business student at a university and take all my classes online, and I also have a part time job at a local community college. My mother is chronically sick and I live at home to help her around the house - chores and meal prep are a daily thing. I also have a wonderful boyfriend who is a night nurse, so his schedule is all over the place and really we kind of have to go out whenever he gets a day off or we wouldn't see each other at all. I try to make time to get enough sleep, to make healthy meals, to have some alone time/meditate, to spend time with my boyfriend, to spend time with family, to spend time with friends, and to work out. I do an okay job, but I just feel like I am ALWAYS rushing. And the thing is, I think it is mostly in my head because I usually get everything done. But, being naturally an anxious person (I'm working on it! haha), I'm always trying to shift things around and feeling like I won't complete something. I also feel really guilty when I can't be with my boyfriend and family. So. My question is - how do people balance their time between their social life and school/work? What do you do? Any suggestions? Anything you see that I'm doing wrong?
  3. Thank you so much! That's really helpful. I wasn't able to do day 7 because my shoulder blade was kind of sore, but I am going to do it tomorrow! I will tell you how it goes.
  4. I had trouble doing some (okay, ALL of them really haha) of the core exercises for Day 6 in the 15 minute video. Any suggestions for how to improve my core strength? I'm a beginner and very weak in my core (always have been) and I had difficulty rocking back and forth and even doing boat pose.
  5. This is my first YBC challenge and I am so excited! My goal is to de-stress. My mom is battling a serious lung disease, I am starting my last semester of college, and I am looking to apply to graduate school, so I am in the middle of some pretty big life changes (in addition to the regular stress of everyday life). I definitely need to learn how to manage my anxiety better. I also want to learn how to do crow pose! If anybody would like to be an accountability partner, just let me know!
  6. Thanks Candace! I have tried ginger tea. I used to drink it everyday to try and regulate my period. I will definitely start using it again. I have never thought about trying magnesium. That's a good suggestion!
  7. Hi guys! I used to have sciatica pain and, although I haven't had to take painkillers in weeks because of how much yoga is helping me, I was wondering if there were any natural painkillers that you guys have had luck with if the pain were to come back. I used to have to take up to 600 mg of ibuprofen if the pain was radiating down my leg. Sometimes I can get away with Tylenol, but the ibuprofen seems to help better to eliminate the inflammation in my piriformis muscle (and I'm not supposed to take acetaminophen with the birth control pill I'm on either). I alternate with ice and heat, too of course. I have taken yellow mustard before and that has helped a little, but when my pain is that great it doesn't really do much at all. I have also heard of drinking tart cherry juice but have never tried it (I've had trouble finding it in local stores). Any ideas?
  8. Hi!

    Thanks so much for that link! I know that my piriformis muscle must get tight, because it is often my buttocks and hip where I feel the most pain. I seem to young to have sciatica pain, but I hurt my heel/ankle playing soccer when I was little which caused me to have a limp and walk awkwardly at an age when I was still developing and growing. I think that has been part of the problem. That foot pain went away and was followed by this sciatica pain a few years later. I recently started taking care of my feet the way I did when I was younger (I had slacked off because my feet didn't hurt anymore), and I think that has helped me, too. I use a tennis ball to massage the piriformis muscle. Doing this twice a day has kept it from radiating down my thigh and into the back of the leg for several months, but now that I have started doing yoga in addition the pain hasn't even been in my buttocks .I used to have to take at least 100 mg of ibuprofen a day (up to 600 if it was radiating down my leg), and I haven't had to take it at all in a long time. Not having pain has also allowed me to be more active lately, and I think that is also helping build up my core, legs, and glutes. I'm just so happy, as you can tell!
  9. Hi!

    Hi everyone, I'm Lydia! I'm 21 and I live in NC. I have been doing yoga on and off for a few years now, but I'm just now starting to make it a daily practice. I tend to have bad bouts with low back pain/sciatica (I'm not overweight or anything, but I tend to be inactive and have tight hips). Since doing Candace's 30 minute sciatica video a few weeks ago, I haven't needed any pain killers and have felt the most pain free I have in years! I'm looking forward to becoming better at yoga and to continue improving my health!