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  1. you are all so wonderful! thank you and namaste to @yogafire, @brenskip55, @scottcraft, @YogaByCandace it's too bad we're not in the age of f2f communication where each of us could sit down together and let me tell you the whole story - somehow - posting something like that always seems wrong because who the heck has time to read something lengthy? the great part is, at least for me, who has always had a regular/daily workout (weight lifting) practice as well...yoga teacher school really helped me with my lifting...my form is much better, I'm aware and awake to what I am actually using in my body, and I am present and awake to the experience, and I even make sure I'm breathing...so...a union of mind, body, and breath...sounds kinda like yoga doesn't it? of course I have several friends who are yoga purists who claim one must one "do yoga"...but while I'm working as wellness coach at the health food store I work at and I'm present, awake, and open to the experience with anyone I'm interacting with, or driving somewhere and I'm still in the moment, or just at home alone without any official yoga or meditation currently happening, I know I'm awake and aware and connected (at least a good deal of the time)... so...maybe I'm not in yoga slump, i'm just not practicing asana at the moment? i'm horrible at keeping a journal...I'll totally admit that...but @brenskip55's suggestion is a good one...would love to know how this "reader blog" thing works namaste to all... Jimbo
  2. Hello my friends, I'm a middle-aged (53) male yogi in a small town where yoga is not very popular. I was lucky and had a great first teacher about 7 years ago. About 3 years ago I was fortunate to be offered to teach and have taught a yin/restorative class once a week since. Luck shined on me again and an outfit from out of town came to the studio to offer a one weekend a month ryt-200 class that I finished in September and now have that certification. one problem though, after my training ended, so did my teaching because of low attendance and ever since I've stopped practicing. Of course there are a bunch of other variables (like the job I need to actually pay the bills) but in reality it seems as though the yogic part of me is broken. I know I'm new here but I sure could use some wisdom.. Broken yogi in a slump