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  1. if there's no challenge for june, I'm just going to do one of her previous challenges...probably the 39 day flexibility challenge one...going to work on splits and up Upavistha Konasana B
  2. nice photos vicky! i actually have a question for anyone willing to answer lol...does it matter how you position your hands in forearm stand? I'm beginning to see some progress and i notice i prefer my hands in a "prayer" stance, similar to what vicky has in her photos i've seen others with their hands and forearms flat on the ground and i was curious if it matters...it was difficult for me to keep my hands that way, but maybe i'll just work on it hopefully i can attend the inversion workshop, i've been so busy applying to graduate school so that would be a fun release once I'm done!!
  3. i'm going to work on forearm stand and boat pose...something fun and something not fun
  4. i love when candace says "if it's in your practice, take a bind" because it reminds me that it's not a race and i can take my time to get certain variations into my practice well without even realizing it, for the first time, i took a bind in seated spinal twist im pretty sure i scared my neighbors because i was yelling "oh sh-t, it's in my practice!" kind of excited...ok carry on
  5. i actually went to the doctor today for a physical exam and he ordered x-rays for them...so i don't think it's the mat but maybe my own doing lol, hopefully nothing too serious ​thanks again
  6. i didnt think it was necessary to ask this in the question section...but anytime i am in low lunge, which is nearly every day now, my knee hurts from the pressure does that mean i just need a thicker mat?
  7. i never post on instagram so here's my contribution...this is my day one for forward fold and standing splits, excuse the background
  8. finally caught up on the march challenge so i'll begin this one tomorrow...decided to work on forward folds and standing splits...actual splits are a little too ambitious for me at the moment good luck everyone
  9. yay! im oddly deciding between forward fold and splits lol i want to be able to do splits, but my forward folds need work...i don't see much of a difference between forward folds and half way lift but im excited!
  10. i loved seeing everyone's progress on instagram, very inspiring im stronger in my supported headstand...i can go into the pose easily now, so i spent most of the month piking up and down to work on my core...it's crazy because i remember when i'd get excited just to see my feet float up for a second lol i hope to tackle forearm stand in the next few months, can't wait for the next project also connecticut just got lucky! so excited, ive got at least one year left here
  11. does anyone else feel anxious holding their hands in certain positions while meditating? it feels so strange to me...my fingers were shaking lol
  12. i noticed candace sneaking in my least favorite pose, savasana, on the suggested schedule...it's like she knew i only do 3 minutes silence is punishment for me lol
  13. im already one episode down...nothing is getting accomplished this weekend going to improve supported headstand this month
  14. thanks for posting the links...i've been stalking bloglovin all night hoping you'd post early lol
  15. thanks i'll play with it...i don't think i really do that