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  1. i very rarely can do yoga without music...robin thicke pandora station is usually the only way i get through sequences sometimes i fall asleep during savasana when it's suggested i do a pose for 3-7 breaths, i always do 3 sometimes halfway through a sequence, i'll grab a snack just because i lose focus easily i do yoga at home by connecting my laptop to the tv...when we've been in a pose i dislike too long, i find myself yelling at the tv "Come on!"
  2. yay im not alone with this pose lol today kicked my butt...definitely going to have to find some balance between this strength project and my regular hiit & running workouts
  3. Initially, I was going to do supported headstand because I find the pose fun, but then I realized I should probably try a pose I consistently avoid lol. So baby grasshopper it is...Idk why I find it more challenging than crow or supported headstand, but it's definitely a struggle for me Good luck everyone
  4. can't wait...i wonder what pose i want to work on
  5. thanks for the suggestions...i did a lot of research and everyone has suggested loose teas i think i may go to teavana and try the blends there
  6. Ok so I guess I'm the one person that doesn't like tea I'd really like to, especially since it's cold now and I want something warm to drink instead of my water Any suggestions for non tea drinkers? I've tried herbal, chai, green, and others...yet i can't get beyond the taste (i dont do coffee either, so i feel kind of hopeless lol) I read an article saying I should try peppermint tea
  7. i'll be finishing a couple of days behind everyone since i took more time off after thanksgiving and have been consumed by my 8 hour day study schedule anyway i hope everyone's doing well
  8. yes november 26th was my birthday...happy belated! i hope you enjoyed your day too
  9. im still on schedule and havent missed any days but the arches of my feet have been bothering me a lot and the balancing poses are a lot harder so this week i've decided to take a break from hiit workouts, running, and jump ropes hope everyone has a wonderful holiday...my birthday's tomorrow so this rest day is just in time
  10. im doing wheel pose and i can't say i notice much difference in my pictures...but i wasn't expecting a miracle im more comfortable in the pose so i guess that's an improvement lol
  11. i like those champion shirts im currently looking for thigh high socks and/or legwarmers...i don't know if i even need them, i get pretty warm during yoga...but i do yoga in front of a mirror and i enjoy seeing myself in cute outfits...i know it's vain, but idc lol
  12. the look you make when you first see light after blind yoga it was fun and i didnt fall...woot
  13. i definitely have to invest in a new mat...by invest i mean no more than $50 lol i've been using this cheap mat i got from target for about 2 years now...it's slipping and beginning to wear so im going to look on amazon for a new mat
  14. i think yin is going to be right before bed tonight...
  15. on the schedule she posted on the first page, it gives rest days...i think they're about 2 per week that's what im following...i intend to do no yoga on those days, but i may do other exercises...i think it's at your discretion
  16. ok not a big deal for some people, but i knew today's (november 3) yoga sequence would be rough for me...it was so quiet lol but i did it after an intense hiit workout so im proud of that
  17. my current, favorite pose is supported headstand...i haven't mastered it at all, but i get really excited watching my feet float up a little lol
  18. i find meditation difficult because i can't clear my mind do any of you listen to music during meditation? but im going to try repeating a mantra
  19. running has always been my go to, but i realized i was getting bored with it so when i do run outdoors, it's maybe once or twice a week anywhere from 3-6 miles...i do intervals with a lot of sprinting on other days; it really mixes everything up i keep saying im going to train for a half marathon one of these days, but im kind of enjoying working out without injuries lol...it's like my body loves to give me shin splints
  20. how could i forget blacklist? love that show too yea i just want her to get back to fixing scandals and stop being in one lol
  21. hbo has a documentary on domestic violence "private violence" i think im going to watch it this week some of my favorite documentaries are: -4 little girls -blackfish -paris is burning -20 feet from stardom -jiro dreams of sushi -the imposter i know i have more, but that's all i can think of right now
  22. i'm a big hbo & showtime person...so i generally watch a ton of shows on sunday like boardwalk empire and homeland right now true detective, the leftovers, & ray donovan when they were in season during the week i watch modern family, black-ish, scandal, & how to get away with murder...i go back w& forth with scandal, it's more of a melodrama now lol
  23. hi i can just post examples of some of the workouts i do...they generally involve mixes between sprinting and jogging, sprinting and walking hills, changing the pace & adding strength training below are my favorite workouts...i find a lot on fitsugar & pinterest... http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/High-Intensity-Running-Strength-Training-Workout-31142325 http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/How-Burn-500-Calories-Treadmill-7194144 http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/45-Minute-Treadmill-Interval-Workout-Fight-Belly-Fat-23165725 http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Running-Strength-Training-Interval-Workout-23563264 http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Intense-20-Minute-Workout-From-Bob-Harper-23286438 http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/45-Minute-Treadmill-Pyramid-Intervals-26682480 http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/30-Minute-Treadmill-Workout-33778091 http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Print-400-Calorie-Tush-Toning-Interval-Workout-25678881?fullsite=1 ok im sorry i posted so many, but i really have many favorites lol
  24. i do a nice run outside maybe once a week, i used to run cross country when i was younger but i honestly got bored with it overtime i prefer treadmill interval workouts i do jump rope circuits or just jump rope for cardio (45 sec on/15 sec on for 20-40 minutes) most workouts i find are on youtube, usually fitnessblender because they do a lot of hiit, plyometrics, weight training, etc i generally do one of the 4 types of exercise i listed 4-6 times a week, i try to mix it up and make sure strength training is included in the workouts...i'll never just go lift weights...i really need it in a workout to follow i incorporate yoga maybe 4 days a week for 15-30 minutes after workouts or on day offs from cardio & intense workouts...depending on the difficulty of the workout i completed, i find one of candace's videos that will help alleviate tightness or videos that completely ignore that muscle group because im too tired lol
  25. I just moved back this summer, but I definitely missed it. I just hope the winter is kind this year