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  1. i dont bake much, well at all lol, but these are a go to snack/dessert for me...it's easy to make & doesn't require many ingredients... http://insidebrucrewlife.com/2014/03/peanut-butter-cranberry-granola-bites/ i'll post more if i see any
  2. Hello from Connecticut
  3. ok i dont have many pet peeves with other people, but with myself...i just cant be alone with my thoughts...savasana is tortue i love yoga but it's hard for me to clear my mind...there is almost always soul and r&b music playing because i think way too much lol...working on it i guess i agree with chatting especially during balancing poses lol
  4. l generally can't afford to shop at most popular stores for exercise clothing, but l've found tjmaxx, marshalls, & amazon are great places to find items. l own various brands but they're from those stores. l also get clothing from forever21 when they have discount codes available and rack up on stuff.