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  1. nice photos vicky! i actually have a question for anyone willing to answer lol...does it matter how you position your hands in forearm stand? I'm beginning to see some progress and i notice i prefer my hands in a "prayer" stance, similar to what vicky has in her photos


    i've seen others with their hands and forearms flat on the ground and i was curious if it matters...it was difficult for me to keep my hands that way, but maybe i'll just work on it


    hopefully i can attend the inversion workshop, i've been so busy applying to graduate school so that would be a fun release once I'm done!!

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  2. i love when candace says "if it's in your practice, take a bind" because it reminds me that it's not a race and i can take my time to get certain variations into my practice


    well without even realizing it, for the first time, i took a bind in seated spinal twist


    im pretty sure i scared my neighbors because i was yelling "oh sh-t, it's in my practice!"


    kind of excited...ok carry on

  3. i loved seeing everyone's progress on instagram, very inspiring 


    im stronger in my supported headstand...i can go into the pose easily now, so i spent most of the month piking up and down to work on my core...it's crazy because i remember when i'd get excited just to see my feet float up for a second lol


    i hope to tackle forearm stand in the next few months, can't wait for the next project


    also connecticut just got lucky! so excited, ive got at least one year left here  :) 

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  4. random question...wheel isn't the pose im working on, but it's one i do a couple of times every week


    my arms are stronger and i make the adjustments candace suggests below, but im still a little flat




    im not very flexible in my back, so i know not to expect to get the pose immediately


    but do people walk their feet or hands in to create a better backbend? i just feel like i just push myself up and that's it lol

  5. When I practice dancer's pose, I usually hold the pose until I feel the most sensation in it (does that make sense) or until I feel like I've reached my edge. I think it's easier for me to focus on feeling rather than counting the number of breaths I've taken. Since it's the beginning of the project, maybe 3-7 breaths in the pose is a good range? I hope that's helpful! =)


    thanks...it's easier for me to focus on breaths because in bow pose i feel the sensation immediately lol...i'll start with 4 breaths then go from there

  6. hopefully im not repeating a question:


    I'm definitely getting stronger with consistent practice, but I'm noticing a little joint pain. It's not excessive pain, but it's extremely tender. The first knuckle on my middle finger (if counting one to three, bottom to top of finger) on my left hand is causing me some discomfort. I don't really know how to relieve the pain or how to determine what is causing it. I mainly notice it when I'm doing things outside of exercise. Any advice would be helpful, thanks!

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  7. Shea Moisture is my favorite brand for hair, skin, and body.


    I love their products because they're natural and great quality. I highly recommend them.


    They're currently buy one get one free at Walgreen's :)


    9 hours ago
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  8. since the days for this project run a little longer than my normal 20-30 min of yoga, i've decided to use the warm up sequences as means to get in a little cardio


    so warm ups may be a little jumping rope or short runs, ive got to get it in somehow and i generally cant split everything up throughout the day


    anyone else trying to find balance with non yoga workouts?