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  1. Welcome! Thank you. Good luck to you as well. Also, good luck with Baton Rouge traffic. I get about 45 minutes of it in my commute if all is well. Even more if things are less well.
  2. Anxiety is the primary reason I've started doing yoga. I don't exactly have crippling anxiety. I don't take medication or anything. But I much more shy than the average person, and I can make small problems a lot more stressful than they actually should be. There is yoga studio 15 minutes away from where I live. I will eventually start taking a class. The thought of it being almost an exclusively female activity in my area of the world is off putting though. I want to get better at it by practicing at home before I join a class so I won't be completely lost.
  3. I also have great difficulty in doing downward dog. I have tight hamstrings and am overall not very flexible. Another problem I have is that I have shorter than normal arms. I'm new so I hope if I keep doing it my flexibility for that pose will improve. Doubtful I will be able to do anything about the short arms though
  4. Thanks!. I wasn't expecting anyone else from Louisiana here.
  5. Hello, I'm Jordan. I'm a 29 year old male from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I've recently started doing yoga. I have a lot of issues with stress and anxiety. I'm hoping that yoga helps me with this. That is my primary reasons for starting yoga. I've had difficulty with anxiety for most of my life. I lift weights regularly. I'm reasonably strong, but I'm not very flexible. In particular, I have very tight hamstrings. I also have pain in my shoulder and my lower back. I'm hoping yoga allows me to become more flexible and alleviate some of the pain I'm having.