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  1. You know... I was really struggling to decide what fitness goal is, but then I realized that right now my main goal is my mental health. I need to do one that will help with my anxiety. I know yoga in general is supposed to help with that, but if there is something out there specifically for anxiety that would be the thing for me right now.
  2. Hello, I am trying to incorporate Yoga into my daily life, and I wanted to make it a habit by beginning one of the 30 Day Programs. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which is best for beginners? I am a busy mom with a full time job. I try to go running at least three times a week. I eventually want to work my way up to a mixture of running, yoga, and potentially some weight training each week. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  3. Hello, I am brand new to the forum, and while I have tried yoga a few times in the past I have had difficulty sticking with it. I am hoping that joining a forum will help me stick to it. I also really like structure, and I see that there are quite a few 31 day programs that I can do on the website, so maybe that will give me the structure I need. I know that Yoga is good for you in so many ways, I would really like to add it to my daily life (for good this time!).
  4. Hello Jordan, I just signed up for this forum today and I also live in the Baton Rouge area! Good luck with your yoga journey =)