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  1. Thank you for the link. I think I might put that on the back burner for a bit. I am very appreciative of the advice given thus far! I was speaking with my daughter in law who is a physical therapist assistant about my interest in yoga. She knows my injuries well but lives long distance so she is not available to help hands on at first. She is also in agreement that I seek out one on one with someone like a yoga therapist and not try anything by myself at first. Because of the rods in my back right at the junction of where I bend L5 to S1 it will be critical that I don't bend incorrectly furthering damage. Right now I am trying to find a yoga therapist. I have been looking at yoga websites in my area, Ogden Utah. I am a bit discouraged in the fact that there is no obvious therapist in my area. There is one that looks promising and has 700 hours of the 900 required. When I look at the qualification classes the ones pertaining to traumatic injury are the ones listed above the 700 hour courses. Any suggestions on how to find a yoga therapist?
  2. Thank you for sharing that article. I think slow for me will be the answer until I am more sure of myself. Th article was a good over view. Thanks!
  3. Anahata, thank you so much for your advice! I want to be successful at this so your advice about finding a yoga therapist is extremely helpful. If you don't mind answering another question or two I would be grateful? What is a yoga therapist? Are there qualifications I should look for? You are right in saying Ogden Utah has many yoga studios. I guess that is part of my confusion. There are so many different types of classes and studios. Once I locate a therapist what kind of class should I be taking? What do you look for in a studio?
  4. I like your your advice, "Now I can sit with the truth and breathe through it". Sound advice. I understand the not talking to a certain family member again and the repercussions that that come from that. I to am going through this. It is hard but I have decided that I have allowed that person to take to much positive energy and peace from me. It was hard to come to this decision but I am finding I am able to breathe deeper and let the chaos go. I am sending happy, loving thoughts your way. You can do this! I hope Christmas went well for you.
  5. I need some advice. I want to start yoga but don't know how to pick the right class, teacher and what supplies I need to start. I loved to play softball, volleyball and snow skiing and wakeboarding. Let's put it like this I played hard. Three ACL's and my back fused at L5 S1. I stopped most physical activity out of fear of further injury. This past year I was diagnosed with MS. Wow what a life changer. I have realized I can't gone on as I have. It is very important to be as strong as I can physically and mentally to cope with the adventure ahead. I am pretty concerned about hurting my back but know I need to stretch and be strong. Any advice?
  6. A big hello from Ogden Utah! I am a mid life lady with tons of lifestyle changes happening. I am looking at yoga to help with physical changes and mentally stay strong, centered and happy. Very excited to find this forum. And to know there is a great place to go for support and celebration of accomplishments.