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  1. I have my own core workout that i do daily, but im looking for something that i can correlate my blocks into. Any suggestions?
  2. the cheapest mats ive seen are by Gaiam. im 5'0, 115lbs. I bought the 5mm mat (which are around $30, if you can buy it when it's on sale) and it supports my knees/palms very well when im doing my practice. The 3mm mats (which are $22) are okay for someone who's just starting out on yoga. And as far as yoga classes, I strictly watch candace's videos. She's the only instructor I found that is very well detailed in her videos. I always feel great when i practice any of her routines.
  3. I've always been really petite with a high metabolism. It's hard for me to gain weight so I never felt the need to work out (sad to say, I know) but now that I'm 25 and have 2 kids, doing yoga for the first time has me feeling defeated, especially after being the type to find it hard to commit to yoga like I did last year. since I started the 31 day program with ybc, I've been pushing myself to keep going but some of the poses I feel so defeated one after the other. I have trouble with upper body strength, like today I had to practice the crow pose and I couldn't get it for the life of me. Do any of my yoga newbies have any suggestions on how to feel less defeated and stay committed?
  4. Well, your instructor just made perfect sense! I'm glad you shared that with me! I'm not practicing with an instructor, but I am looking into yoga studios in my area to see which one suits me better. So eventually I would like to try and have an instructor to teach me hands-on, but for now im just studying everything Candace puts out. And i highly agree about the crow not being a beginner pose. It made me wonder what was intermediate lol ?