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  1. Quick Question on the app - I just switched form Android to Iphone! I haven't cancelled my subscription through the downloaded version on my android because i do not want to loose everything. If i download it from the app store on my iphone will it be like starting new? Or can i switch everything over? ahhh - i am so not a tech person.
  2. Thank you. I've created an account on the healthboards and am researching the subject over there. I guess, trying to look at the positives, we know it is pancreatitis due to the lipase levels. (so at least I know what I'm up against). The question is WHAT causes it? I was put on a new prescription about 15 days ago - we've stopped that to see if I start getting better. They've scheduled and MRCP to get a better image of the pancrease/liver/ducts. I haven't went gluten free yet (they did test me two years ago for the celiac disease). I'm honestly horrible at reading labels. Sooooo now I'm keeping the food journal and researching everything I eat. The issue i have with this is right now I'm 5'5" and only weigh 108lbs. (I've lost 14lbs over the last few months just by eliminating all fast food) so I'm really afraid of not getting all of the nutrition/calories that I need. BUT I'm dedicated to finding a diet and doing what I need to do. And thankful that summer is on its way so I can eat more garden foods. I like what you said, Smarter this time around. Thank you it did bring a smile to my face.
  3. Two years ago I had a battle with pancreatitis. It happened one night after eating dinner.. I was sitting there fine and then all of a sudden I dropped to the floor in pain. The first time it happened I wrote it off as flu symptoms and stayed home to rest the next day while eating very little. Then two days later while out for lunch (just a turkey sandwich) it happened again. This time I was with my mother and she drove me to the ER. After my lab results came back the identified it as pancreatitis. After many more test and doctors apts it was determined to remove my gall bladder (completed June 30th 2014). Afterwards I tried to eat a fairly health diet (no bacon, sausage or high fat foods). And I did see a pretty decent improvement. Occasionally I'd have IBS (sometimes lasting days). But I hadn't suffered from the pain that originally took me to the hospital. Friday, as I finished eating a snack (ham sandwich, pepperjack cheese) I started to feel sick to my stomach. I rushed to the restroom but nothing would happen. I came back and laid down and the pain became unbearable. Stabbing through my upper abdominal and twisting in my lower back. I called a friend and they took me the ER. Once again my lab results came back with very high lipase levels. I'm starting the elimination process again to try to find the cause. Has anyone else had issues with pancreatitis? I'm on a very bland diet right now so suggestions on food would be very much appreciated. I'm also going to kick back my yoga practice and focus on more meditation and slow movements. The idea of repeating this process really has me down today.
  4. This is great advice. I too struggle sometimes thinking about "where am I at" "what classes can I drop in on and not be completely out of place?" I am very fortunate that my Saturday class usually only consists of 3-5 people so we get a lot of one on one time and she really knows us. She might push one of us a little further than the rest if she thinks we are ready to advance. But she only has class on Saturday :(. I've come to learn that I am very open in my hips and my back.... those poses come easily. However - I struggle with a forward full bend (my hamstrings are so tight!). And I would consider that a very basic pose. I also know that if I want to even consider inversions... I need to work on upper body and core strength. I've noticed these things and am actively trying to improve them. I did just go into a down dog to see if I had any discomfort during 10 breaths - no discomfort - it was a nice escape from the day. And speaking of discomfort, that is the other thing I'm paying close attention to when I try a new pose or a deeper stretch. Discomfort and pain are 2 very different things.
  5. I feel like this all the time. I had pancreatitis 2 years ago (this month). They still do not know why and at the time I really had to learn to adjust my diet. But nothing helped as much as regular yoga practice. I started following YBC in October/November last year - at that time I was still having stomach issues. In January my mother said to me, "how has your stomach been, I haven't heard you complaining". I honestly feel that yoga helped me in a way that nothing else has. And not only with the stomach issues but in every area of my life. I feel good. I hear myself all the time going on and on to people about the benefits of yoga and trying to get them to just try it. I was trying to find it on pinterest.... but there is one of those memes that says something like.... "All of my friends complain about not feeling good, and are freaking out about their lives, and I'm just like, "there's a yoga pose for that!"
  6. Had an extremely long day at work, got home - the dog had thrown up and just looked sick. Cleaned up his mess gave him a bath. Absolutely dreaded the idea of pulling up the blog and seeing what day 6 consisted of. But after a long sigh I got out the computer. When I saw gentle hatha I think my mind relaxed immediately. I hit play and completely enjoyed every minute. And it gave me what I needed to complete the next routine. ****I don't think tonight will be so relaxing.
  7. Thank you so much for the help, I'm going to give it a shot when I get home tonight. One of my favorite things about your videos is how you talk us through getting into a pose.. you break it down so easily that before i know it - I'm doing it. So now when I'm practicing crow I'm going to think of the space between my shoulder blades and the round back and perching. (rather than..OH Crap..I cannot do this - I need to lift weights).
  8. I'm assuming you already have.. but if not - https://youtu.be/-BaZTJLubrY (Candace breaking down baby grasshopper) is a great video. After watching this it all made since. Good Luck! Look forward to hearing how you progress.
  9. okay.... This will be my third 30 day challenge. The first one was great and I really felt that got my yoga practice to a good spot. (Before was very random). Then I started on the restorative challenge... I did really enjoy it - but I found myself skipping the really restoring ones. I know I know - they were there for a reason. But I got caught up in wheel pose and just wanted to work on that all the time. Finally after the 30 days I started going back and working on my meditation. I'm finally getting to enjoy that part and have started reading, Meditation as Medicine" to get a better understanding. I am very excited for this challenge because I know that strength is a HUGE challenge for me. I'm very petite and have always been. I've always avoided weight training at all costs! However... my goal has been crow for quite some time now. And its really urgs me that my brother could pretty much do it on the first time. (My first time I fell on my face and didn't try for another 2 months). **Deep Breath** I'm going to try again. I encourage constructive criticism on the photos I post during these 30 days. That is one thing that I really dislike about practicing on my own and learning something new. I don't know what I'm doing!!! So below is my attempt today at crow. I can tell you that I did not stay up for very long. The right foot was a lot easier to lift than the left.
  10. I was just thinking about Day 6 and the New Year New You schedule.... work on crow pose. Glad to hear face planting is normal for everyone. I like how you set small expectations. I think I will begin this way tonight.
  11. Like you.. I've always been petite and never tried to lose weight... Also never tried to gain muscle. Which now that I'm practicing yoga - I wish I had. I've only been "back" to yoga for the last 6 months... but I'm already finding that I can do things more easily now than I did when I was doing yoga 2 years ago. I soooo wanted to do Crow 2 years ago (even fell and bruised my jaw.. because i rushed it). Now instead of trying to do crow I'm focusing on poses that will help me build the strength I need to do crow. I use to just go through the moves - now I'm focusing on the form. I think Candace does an awesome job explaining how to move from pose to pose and where our weight should be focused on. (I've gotten into poses that i never dreamed of) She does a better job verbally explaining them... then the classes i'm going to now. But sometimes it is nice to have an instructor to watch you do it and then come over and adjust things. I also record myself every time I practice at home and then rewatch it to see where i could improve. My favorite thing about Yoga is you don't have to be able to do a pose... you do what works for you.
  12. I'm very excited to begin the New Year with this challenge! I first tried yoga several years ago.. loved it... but then moved. I've been off and on with it the last 6 months... then got pretty serious about it in November. I really think this will help give me the push and support. I started keeping my yoga journal - but I'm also going to try to check out the forum daily. The pose I'm choosing to work on is Dolphin Pose. I know that I need to gain upper body strength in order to achieve some other poses so i thought this might be a good challenge for me. I've searched the web for what the correct form is in this pose and I've found tons of variations. So.... against me really wanting to post this... I'm putting my picture here. I do appreciate any feedback.