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  1. I think face planting is a step everyone takes After I face planted hard I wasn't sure if I could do it again. So I set a different expectation for myself - instead of lifting both feet, I only lifted one - I did a few breathes on each side. After a few weeks of this I lifted my other foot, but kept my toes close to the ground and went very slowly.
  2. I started with doing at least one pose a day. Once I reached that goal I increased to at least 5 minutes a day. I quickly found it easy to make the time and eager to do so. I'm not sure about supplements or diets - I just naturally felt like I wanted to extend that feel good feeling from yoga into my diet as well and started to think more about what I was eating.
  3. Hi Jenny! I was suffering from bad PostPartum Depression. I also have generalized anxiety disorder. Yoga has helped me tremendously, but in partnership with counseling. I found a Somatic Therapist in my area - she helps me understand my body's reaction to the different stresses in my life. It did take me awhile, though. It's 9 months later and I still have bouts of depression. The thing that really helped was setting intentions for myself and really making the meditation part of it a priority. Before and after every practice I will say, for example, "you are strong and beautiful - each movement in this practice will be to feel strong and beautiful". With each transition, pose, I remind myself of this intention. At the end I remind myself of the intention I set and reflect on how I feel afterwards. Definitely find a good therapist that fits you and work with them on incorporating yoga into your treatment. Good luck and sending so many hugs your way.
  4. Hi! My name is Jennifer and I'm from the PNW. I've been doing yoga consistently for the past 8-9 months - about 15 minutes a day. It started as a form of therapy to help me work through Postpartum Depression. It's now my lifeline to sanity! I feel like myself again and when I feel "off" I know yoga will help. I just started reading the Gratitude Diaries as well and my 2016 resolution is to keep a journal which I've been updating every day with at least 3 things I'm grateful for. It's a slow change, but I feel it. I am looking at things more positively now and even when I'm down I find myself thinking of all the positives of the situation. I'm still a beginner - hard to focus too much with a toddler - but I'm using YogaByCandace to take me to the next step. I'm excited to be part of this awesome community!