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  1. Thank you so much for the tips Candace and Robbie! I'll definitely try switching the tv off and Headspace It's very motivating to get helpful replies like this. Thank you again. *Hugs
  2. Hi Candace, I've been practicing for omg, I just realized for 5 months now! Mainly I started from Youtube and found you. From a person with a skeptical perception towards inner peace, zen and bla bla bla all those things, I experienced a moment of peace one fine day during savasana and I realized I feel so much better every time after practice. So I fell for yoga. At first, It was not easy to get my head to wrap around the thoughts of meditation in spiritual aspects, which is why I enjoyed your videos, where you emphasized more about connecting with our breath and bringing awareness, instead of me joining first time and I have to search for my soul in the inner-self, which is rather intimidating for some because we aren't exposed to those kinds of thoughts before, and to be thrown into a situation where we had no idea what is going and not understanding at all about the depth of yoga within the mind, I think it's one of the reasons why most people reject yoga at first session. That being said, I'm glad to announce that I'm enjoying myself more and more after every practice, and slowly understand more about the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, and accepting it. However, I find it difficult to empty my mind, especially when I'm stressed out. I will be on the mat and my mind is reluctant to be quiet and in the end I would not practice or even try to meditate at all. It goes like, Goddammit I can't be zen right now! nah mean? (strictly, only when i'm really stressed out.) And I don't want that, I hope yoga can help me calm down when I'm stressed out. Any tips on overcoming this?