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  1. thank you so much for the Pranayama in French, I really appreciate. I'll try simple yoga and I'll let you know.
  2. Obviously I made a mistake, I look at the picture you send with the link and it would be more appropriate to say : Cardiac plexus. I feel oppressed, like something got stuck in my chest
  3. well thanks to both of you !
  4. Hello, I hope I'm asking in the right topic. I have a question to ask : when I do basic warm up, chin to chest, arms in front, I feel a deep pain in my solar plexus. I don't have any kind of medical trouble and I never hurt myself while practicing yoga. I really don't understand why. Can someby help me please?
  5. Hello everybody! First I would like to apologize for my english, not really good enough but I try my best. I'm a japanese teacher and I'm learning naturopathy. I started yoga lessons a year ago, so I'm a newbie . I found YBC on youtube and now it really helps me with my daily yoga practice. I am so grateful for all the videos, the advices, the recipes ! Long live YBC !