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  1. @HGB mine does as well but that does not mean i cant Don't think my girlfriend loves that i wear, but its my body so luckily I can decide my self. @KateZena I think they made one of the greats inventions of all time, can't figure out why some don't wear thongs - their just ain't nothing as comfortable and if not I claim its the wrong size or brand. But hey we are all different, and thanks for that
  2. @HGB i personally use a HOM Plume g-string ( under my tights and when i wear shorts i always use 2 in 1 shorts like theese Nike shorts. When i wear shorts I also wear a g-string or commando since their is build-in tights in the shorts so nothing is going to slip out
  3. As I mentioned before i do not wear thongs because of panty lines, only for comfort. And personally i don't care that much about panty lines when I'm doing yoga, when i do yoga I care about doing yoga and being comfortable while doing it. If that means wearing my favorite tights which are a bit see thru, but are the most comfortable i wouldn't care because I'm just doing yoga When all of that is said, I do care a bit - since its not socially accepted at least in Denmark that men wear thongs, so i do my best not to show that, apparently its really gorse - I have heard.
  4. Try and go to : And see if there is an ""-app and then delete it. Then try to link your public account
  5. Looks like you figured it out, otherwise please say so
  6. I always wear a Temptation g-string from HOM ( ), dont care about lines but boxers are really annoying when doing yoga.