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  1. I'm a little late to the party, but I too was like "maybe I should put this on my face" and I LOVE it. My pillow smells like coconut too (I use it as a night cream/makeup remover) so that's an added bonus I haven't used it for much else other than skin and hair though.
  2. I'm slowly becoming a tea convert For bagged tea: Tazo Passion, Tazo Baked Apple Cinnamon (the old one, the newer one is okay but it doesn't have as rich of a caramel/rooibos taste) and the ever elusive Numi Decaf Black Vanilla For loose: I don't tend to drink loose as much but I like the Youthberry / Wild Orange Blossom blend at Teavana. It's fairly expensive but every once in a while I like to treat myself to it I can't really handle green tea, I wish I could
  3. I installed but never use this, that would be cool if it works I don't really shop that much so I uninstalled it after realizing it wasn't really a benefit to me.
  4. The 15 minute chest video That one was pretty tough for me today!
  5. Taking a picture was definitely eye opening. I used to be much more flexible but in forward fold I apparently have a nearly flat back. C'mon hips, lets work this out! I'm keeping my pics in the pic gallery since I do not use Instagram.
  6. I'm in with forward fold. I'm nervous But excited!
  7. Obsessed with Orange is the New Black! And I second (or third, or fourth) Parks & Rec, Modern Family. Kind of a guilty pleasure but Mistresses always comes on after another show I watch and it is fairly dramatic! I didn't get super into True Detective but I also was only half-watching while working on other things. Maybe I'll give it another try
  8. @kjerstena - that is really good to know my eyes are *really* sensitive so I was hoping someone would have recommendations that would align with that need going to look for this at Ulta!
  9. Marika pants don't seem to work very well for me (that is to say, I feel like I'm constantly pulling them up when I run; when I do yoga it's not as big of a deal but they still just don't feel quite right) but I dig the tops. I might have to check out Athleta - I'm always a little scared to order things online since I'm sort of inbetween sizes so I try to find something in stores that works for me. Champion has/had some amazing tank tops I bought one in every color but they go right into my eyes when I practice yoga I'll keep my eyes peeled though
  10. I also sit the majority of my day. I do ultrasound and I get a lot of back and shoulder pain from reaching over my patients to scan, as well as low back and hip pain from sitting the majority of my day :/
  11. Thought not strictly "yoga", I love Champion and Marika (I find Marika at Marjshall's/TJMaxx) for exercise in general. I have a hard time finding tanks to practice in that are formfitting but not too snug.
  12. Hi all Reading this from Bellevue, WA. Cool to see so many international people on the forums