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  1. Hi folks! I am an intermediate yogi and I am doing aerial hoop/lyra, trapeze and other aerial arts. I've been working on my flexibility for a while but my splits are not advancing as much as I thought they would... It is really important for me to stay safe and move within a pain-free range but I feel like I haven't improved a lot for the amount of time I've put in working those stretches. My hamstrings are improving for sure but I seem to be really really tight in the hip area. A friend of mine told me she got her splits with the use of a foam roller. She told me a few moves she would do. She would use it a support and to work in over, but also to roll on her hamstring to relax them. Have you heard about that before? If so could you share how you would use it? Or any other information you would have! Candace if you know something about that it would be really appreciated Thank you so much for your time! Thank you Candace for sharing your practice. I'm connecting with my body in ways I never thought it could be possible. It changed my life! Cheers <3 Gabrielle Lea