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  1. Do your elbows tend to splay out when you get into forearm stand? It could just be that you need to develop a stronger base. As others suggested, lots f dolphin pose, perhaps even work with a strap around your arms to keep them from splaying (and thus burning) . Maybe wear long sleeves? Perhaps pictures would be helpful in order to check out your form
  2. Judging from how it has healed, I am thinking it is indeed only minor! I will keep in mind the ears/biceps tip- that is very helpful for being mindful of alignment! I've been doing a bit of stretching to keep it mobile Sorry to hear it's been taking so long! It sounds like precisely the same injury, although I'm happy to report that I am largely pain free 5 days post injury. I'm still taking it very easy regardless, and will be extra careful when reapproaching backbends in the future. As a general update - as of yesterday I was essentially pain free and able to extend my neck without any twinges . It still doesn't feel quite right, a little tight, so i'm going to stick to my week off upper body before i do anything overly intense, but am gradually introducing gentle heart openers. I did practice on sunday but kept it light I'm guessing I just caught it early enough that I didnt do any real damage. Again, super appreciative of all of your iput, it's really put me at ease and made me feel more comfortable in moving forward in my practice after this passes!
  3. In my senior year physics class I actually learned that men and women naturally have different centers of gravity. So yes, this is entirely possible (I forget the exact experiment, but it involved picking something up off the ground in a particular position- girls did it with ease, boys all struggled or failed! )
  4. Reassuring to hear it happens to someone else! It's not painful when it happens, it just never happened until my chest became painful so it surprised me. But the pop itself isnt accompanied by sharp pain or anything, just feels like a joint popping . Thanks for the tip i think i will definitely go see someone if it keeps popping! I already have a history of imbalance in my neck and shoulders (well really my entire left side!) so I would hate to go backwards, since things seem to finally be getting better. Thanks for the help Doctor is on my list this week. I've been very close to overhead grips and foot-to-head action the past several months, so it wasnt completely new, but I think my mistake was in the timing- i held the poses for much longer than I ever have before, and did them many times (out of excitement) and I see now that I probably overdid it, and should have halted at the first sign of niggling pain rather than ignore it! A lesson to take from my body in patience Thanks for all the replies, you are all so helpful! I'm happy to say it's improved significantly over the last couple days (I injured it on thursday). I'm still going to take a full week off upper body and come back to anything chest related very slowly. As of now it's neck extension that seems to cause it the most pain (which makes me think the initial injury occurred during kapotosana, which i partially entered earlier in my practice that day. ) In any case, i'm looking forward to getting back to my practice so I can learn more from you all Thanks again!
  5. Hello everyone! Yesterday I went to a new gym to check it out. I usually practice yoga in my flat , which isnt fantastically insulated and thus i have a hard time getting properly warm. Thus, my flexibility is usually limited during these winter months, much to my dismay! The gym was quite warm though, and after a 2 mile run on the treadmill and some leg presses i was thoroughly warm- I went to stretch off in the studio and was so much more flexible than I ever have been, especially in my back! (Not naturally flexible there whatsoever) . So I was thrilled, getting a great overhand grip on my toes in king pigeon and pressing my head to my foot for the first time on both sides. I also practiced some handstands and other inversions, plus general flow. Anyway shortly after i got home I found I was having twingey pains along my sternum when i moved my body in certain ways. It's worst when i drop my head back and raise my arms (aka the same sort of movement of king pigeon) and it's even "cracked" a few times which has never happened :s (i'm aware that the sternum is in fact a joint, but it is jarring every time it happens!) I suspect I've basically "pulled" my chest ligaments , and that it wasnt open enough to perform the backbends i was doing. I plan on taking a few weeks off of all upper body movements, but was wondering whether anyone else has ever experienced this and what I might be able to do to ensure it heals properly, besides resting? I will probably try to visit a doctor as a precaution, especially if there's no significant improvement over the weekend.
  6. Hi! I'm a 23 year old masters student, I'm originally from the Boston area but I go to uni in Manchester, England I've been practicing yoga independently for about a year now consistently. I have been brought here by a yoga-related injury but I'm excited to see what this place has to offer outside of that!