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  1. I haven't received my exclusive yoga video this week. Has there been a delay sending it out? Plus I've lost the pictures on my other videos I can still access them but I don't what they are?
  2. Thanks for the update..
  3. Is the exclusive yoga app no longer in use? I haven't received any update since July and I've also received an email to say my subscription has been cancelled.
  4. I would also like to see a video incorporating a yoga wheel into a practice..
  5. Not sure if I'm too late to contribute but I would like to see some sort index for the exclusive section.. Similar to the YouTube channel which is organised by time and specific area.
  6. Candace do you have a post work out video - cool down video?
  7. Ah no problem Candace received it today.. Just checking it wasn't a problem with my account..
  8. I would use a machine like this..
  9. I'm going to give it a go Candace.. HIIT isn't my favourite but I need to shred a few pounds (well a little more)..
  10. Yay another awesome yoga challenge completed.. Thanks Candace..
  11. Happy birthday Candace x
  12. Candace as the exclusive section grows on the YBC App are there any plans to introduce a contents section? Especially for the videos to make it easier to find the workout you are looking for?
  13. I've heard others say that hip opening poses can release all sorts of emotions although I've never experienced it myself. I think it's very normal..
  14. Sounds good.. Maybe you would consider adding a tracking section on your app.. I've been investigating an app to record my yoga practice (date, length and type/style) which gives a monthly and rolling annual calculation of hours and sessions practiced but there is anything suitable.
  15. what a lovely talent you have and especially if drawing a pose assists in the actual improvement of the pose. Perhaps I should take up drawing yoga poses... would love to see if when you finish it...
  16. They are beautiful drawings... what about dancers pose, garland pose...
  17. I'm looking for an app that will enable me to record my yoga activity. Very basic app, that will record the date, length and type of yoga. It doesn't need to have any yoga content or videos but not bothered if it does as long as there is a section to record yoga. Has anyone come across something that would fit the bill. Thanks
  18. Thanks for the suggestion I will check it out..
  19. Apologies for my confusion I meant what the actual video is about. On your YouTube channel you organise videos by length and genre. I can see if it is a video but you have to download the video to see what it is and for how long.
  20. Thanks Larry. i was hoping to find a yoga specific one..
  21. Ha the push up parties are the worse ever!
  22. I loved the synchronisation of it!
  23. Fabulous looking forward to it very much ...
  24. ive been looking for yoga moves that you can do on a plane... Is this something you would consider putting together please Candace?
  25. Yoga challenge complete. I feel great and achieved some of the goals I set myself at the start. It's great keeping a diary to look back.. Thanks Candace thoroughly enjoyed it and helped me get back on track with my regular practice...