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  1. I downloaded yogabycandace app on my iPhone and iPad.. I've logged on both devices with my Twitter account however the accounts have never sync.. I starting paying for the subscription in December but could only get access to the exclusive element on my iPad not my iPhone. This weekend I've had to delete the app and re-install. I've logged back into my account but I've lost my exclusive content! is it possible to get this back? Plus how do I get my two devices to sync? Can anyone help me please..
  2. I can't do cow face pose either. My legs are tight and I can't touch my hands.. So I tend to avoid it.. I need to work on shoulder flexibility but at the moment I've been focusing on hips as I have a very sedentary job and my hips are always tight. Cow face pose is on my list to bring into my regular practice.. I felt the same way about fire log pose, frog and dolphin.. But they are now in my regular practice. Frog is still very hard and perhaps I've not seen a great improvement but I will keep at it but fire log and dolphin I am now enjoying..
  3. I am loving this yoga challenge so far and it have been really engaged and focused.. My aim was to have a consistent and worthwhile yoga practice which I have achieved.. I've been also working on a couple of poses that I don't like because I'm not great at them but my improvement has been great..
  4. Porridge... Baked eggs.. Whisk eggs together bake in the oven for 20 mins with other veg, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, lardons, herbs and spices or whatever you fancy.. Leave to cool and eat cold..
  5. Completed day 3 yesterday.. Waiting for days 4 to 7 to be posted. Loving this challenge so far and meeting my goals. I haven't posted on Instagram but not doing a specific pose and not liking myself too much at the moment so don't really want a picture of myself posted..
  6. Could we have a yoga video on detox please? How to get the internal organs moving to flush out all the over indulgence in the Christmas period!! Or some ideas on the poses that are good for this.. thank you
  7. There used to be a button at the top of a post that said "go to first unread post". Do we still have that selection as I'm unable to see it! It was very useful for long posts..
  8. Yes Larry thank you.
  9. I'm in! My goal is to get back to practising a constitent and quality yoga practice. There are a couple of poses that I really struggle with and want to include in my regular practice.. Dolphin, fire log, cow face pose, frog, forward fold. A random selection I realise but aim to do these poses a few times a week.. Not sure if I'm concentrating on one pose for this programme..
  10. Happy new year.. Let's get the yoga started xx
  11. I Feel your pain Larry and I know yoga is a personal journey but just occasionally I also feel frustration that others achieve the same goals as me before I do....
  12. Just taken delivery of my Jade yoga mat.. It's so sticky! Smells a bit funky but hoping that will fade!
  13. Welcome.. Yoga is great for de-stressing enjoy the journey. Im from England too in Suffolk.
  14. Depends on what sort of sick you are? But for me if I'm full of cold i like to do restorative or mediative yoga. Something very gentle. hope you feel better soon
  15. Just what I need!
  16. Welcome... I'm from Suffolk and I practice mostly at home. My practice has been sporadic in the last few months due to a change of job but I'm slowly building up my regular practice. (All my aches and pains have returned). This is a fabulous site and Candace has some wonderful training videos and blog..
  17. Just chucked in what fruit and veg I had in my fridge on the turn.. Red cabbage, banana, carrots, mango, Apple. It was bliss... Loving my new juicer...
  18. Me too I had a juicer for my birthday.. Anyone have some good simply receipes to get me started?
  19. I've been reading a yoga book and it says not to do yoga during your menstruation cycle but doesn't explain why. Does anyone else have any explanation why or is this quite controversial and its a personal choice?
  20. That's a really helpful schedule. Thanks for sharing
  21. What an inspiring thread and thanks for all the great tips!! I too eat out of boredom! I'm always in a rush so eat quickly. My daughter said to me the other day "mommy your fastest eater in the world, after uncle Dave that it"!! It's true I eat very quickly barely tasting my food. Well done Larry for sharing your photos that not an easy thing to do.. I'm definitely going to try some of the tips here...
  22. Ooh looking forward to a new yoga challenge. My yoga practice during August has been totally absent.
  23. Thanks for the links Larry. I've had a quick peek.. I always jump back into plank then go into chaturanga but one of videos said this was too much pressure on the joints and could cause injury. What do other people do?
  24. I practise yoga in the evenings as this is when I have the time to concentrate. However, I have noticed how tight i am in the morning and thinking of doing a little morning yoga too but only have about 10 minutes to spare if I'm lucky. What would others recommend to do in the morning in the time I have available?
  25. I'm the opposite.. I try to practice for 30 minutes each day in the week (15 minutes hip opening if I'm really pushed for time) then at the weekend I have more time so practice 60 minute session...