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  1. I attend one class per week and the rest of the time I practice at home! I'm loving hip openings at the moment because my job is very desk bound..
  2. Ooh do more Larry these are fun..
  3. Love the new 40 minute power vinyasa flow Candace.. xx
  4. "Oh my god is this ever going to end" when our teacher is making us hold plank or sit in chair for 2 minutes! my mind often wanders during yoga... Thinking about work, what I'm going to have for tea. Who farted during class..
  5. I'm joining in on this challenge and working on dancer pose... I think we all need some de-stressing in life..
  6. Yay go Larry.. I gave up tea about 6 months ago and now only drink herbal tea. I sometimes have the occasional cuppa.. But I might try with something else x
  7. Maybe you will one day Candace... Let's hope xx until then I'll enjoy reading about what was in them xx
  8. Sounds delightful... I live in the UK and couldn't justify the postage
  9. I prefer mid morning but not early but very difficult when you work office hours! I usually end up doing early evening...
  10. Ah fabulous Candace thanks. How is the ankle fairing? I hurt my back weeks ago sweeping the patio. The pain was unbelievable and the recovery frustratingly slow! I feel like I've lost all my strength progress!!
  11. Thanks for sharing Larry. This is really inspiring for me.
  12. I've noticed this too on YouTube not just with Candace's channels but others too.. I can't remember specifically which ones which isn't helpful I know. If you need to know I will ensure I keep a look out now though.
  13. Do you need to be able to do full lotus to do scale?
  14. I would love to be able to do this pose. Candace would you do an instructural video on how to do this pose. Sorry Larry I can't help you with your question.
  15. Sounds like this designer has got a bit too sure of his product and probably knows there is nothing else on the market... However, there will be a rival product and with his poor customer service he will rapidly loose his customer base..
  16. It is a tough but by continuing your business deal with him are you then condoning his behaviour! Maybe he treats other customers like this too and because of his products they put up with it too. Could you feedback how he has made you feel?
  17. I agree with you so I'm not taking your bet!
  18. Interesting... I thought it was just a yoga studio and yoga teacher but it does sound a bit lame when you compare to the name of the poses. I suppose all students and teachers are called yogi's which I think is a pretty cool name.
  19. It has been lovely watching everyone's progress... Unfortunately I had to withdraw from this challenge due to an injury.. Boo hoo.. Are we having a June challenge Candace?
  20. I'm gutted as I think I will have to take it easy and not fully participate in the tone challenge .. I've injuried my leg but not sure what I've done. I seemed to jar it whilst sweeping the patio ( it felt a bit like when you crick your neck) and now have a shooting pain in my thigh which is moving from my front thigh to my bottom and now in my shin! I've been doing very gentle yoga and yoga for sciatica..
  21. I wear uggs or flip flops x
  22. Welcome to the forum.. Check out Candace May yogs project.
  23. I'm in! Might work on my pigeon pose??
  24. As everyone said it is a difficult pose.. I remember when I started doing yoga consistently that I thought downward dog was tough and then a yoga teacher said downward dog is a resting pose and a chance to check back in with your breathe.. I was OMG! Resting pose you must be joking but like any pose in yoga the more you practice the easier it becomes. I can now get my feet flat on the floor and love the pose.. My point is keep at it and gentle pushing at the edge.. I used to make sure my arms were straight and back long but bend my knees - even now I still do this if my back is tight! Keep at it - it will be worth it..
  25. Can you commit to practice for 10 minutes per day? The days I don't want to practice are the days I most need to.. So I made a promise to myself to practice for at least 10 minutes even if I don't want to.. Maybe just 10 savasana.. Every time it was worth it and more often than not I think ooh I will just do a few stretches too. Then you realise why you fell in love with yoga in the first place!