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  1. Yes I've seen this... its a lot of money to invest if you don't like it!!!
  2. I've been doing a few of the morning yoga videos.. My body is sooooo tight in the morning though.
  3. Fantastic well done...
  4. Thanks what do you use to speed up videos?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everyone I think I might try some moves while doing other things! See how that works out...
  6. I am really tempted to do this and sometimes and when I wake up 15 minutes before my alarm I do get up and practice. The trouble with setting my alarm is I have a 4 year old who gets up too and wants my undivided attention so my plan for yoga goes out of the window!!
  7. Candace could you please save the 15 minute afternoon hip opening flow to your 15 minute playlists please xxxx
  8. What programmes to fellow yogis use to create progress photos side by side please?
  9. I'm loving this challenge and feel a real improvement in my hips following Candace's programme. I'm really pleased with progress of my forward fold.. I think I should work on my chest next though now that is tight!
  10. What is the difference between savasana at the end of a yoga session to sitted mediatation? I really struggle to get comfortable sitted and therefore lose concentration. Could mediatation be done lying down?
  11. I've noticed in some videos you have stated set your intention or focus your intention and repeat the word 3 times. Is this also finding your mantra? Could you give some examples or guidance on what sort of things this could include please?
  12. I'm more flexible on my left side in all poses and I think that is normal..
  13. Wow absolutely loved today's routine. My hips feel divine!
  14. I agree Larry. This weekend my brother joined me in my yoga practice. He was surprised how challenging yoga was and was interested in practising yoga but concerned he was too inflexible.. I think this sort of video would be good for newbies...
  15. Another excellent project.. I think I want to work on my forward fold!! Roll on April project.
  16. My rose of the week is a family renunion last time we were all together was 5 years ago so lovely to see everyone. My thorn of the week I am waiting to hear about a job offer.
  17. Whoopi I've managed to do headstand.. I will post a picture to Instagram later.. I'm been having a family renunion and my sister who has just started yoga wanted to practice together. I suggested we help support each other in poses we find difficult.. So we we're doing supported inversions and with a lot of encouragement we were able to achieve tripod headstand (and lift our legs up with control). This gave us both the confidence to try normal headstand. Not quite the same result for me but loads better.. I'm so pleased with what I've achieved! yippee xx
  18. Gosh today's schedule was touch.. I found mediation tough.. I loose concentration because my right hip starts to ache.. I cant sit in that position for that length of time. Otherwise I was enjoying and felt a real connection.. How do others sit?
  19. Would you add the new 40 minute power video into the 45 minutes videos playlist please? I have your playlists saved by times!x
  20. Very excited to hear that Candace. Can't wait to see the changes.
  21. Fantastic week 2 for me too.. Managed to balance away from the wall for a few breaths in my forearm stand!! Yippee..
  22. I total agree yoga makes me feel human at this time! I just wondered why?
  23. Ooh la la.. I so want a Jade harmony mat...
  24. Candace I know you say the schedule is just a suggestion but if we are following your schedule then do you recommend that we do it in the order you list?
  25. The lady in the second video is so graceful.. Beautiful. I have seen the first video before and it is so aspiring.. You can achieve anything!