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  1. I actually didn't know about mudra's at all, so would also be interested to hear others views.
  2. I have wind issues when doing yoga.. I thought it might be a common problem and just nature.. I didn't think there would be ways to elimate it!
  3. What balance poses have people chosen.. I think I'm going to work on my supported headstand / forearm stand..
  4. I'm looking for some recommendations for yoga sequences to do on holiday.. Obviously I will be chilling and relaxing but I don't want to go 2 weeks without any yoga.. What would others recommend?
  5. I know I should perhaps think about creating my own sequences but I would probably only do the poses that I like or think I'm any good at following videos enables me to try other poses and challenge myself. I'm also thinking of writing out the poses of some of my favourite videos and take the written notes with me..
  6. Ooh exciting
  7. Not sure why my quotes aren't working?!!
  8. I used to get bruising on my triceps when practising crow.. This doesn't happen so much now as I've improved my crow pose! Must be doing it right now.. Keep practising it will get better. Good luck.
  9. Ah I'm really sorry to hear that Candace.. I've shared the link on my facebook page. I hope you get some people on board.
  10. I love all lists, to do lists, shopping lists, household chores, household jobs. My husband thinks I'm obsessed!! For work I have a normal diary and write in each day the jobs I have to accomplish.. This way I can put regular jobs throughout the entire year!,
  11. Hi Candace I subscribe to your YouTube challenge and have saved various playlists. It's a great way to assess what video you want to do with the time you have available. I've found a couple of videos that have not been included in your playlist ie 45 minute feel good lunch time break yoga and 15 minute upper body strength. Is it cheeky to ask if these can be included in the playlists too. As I forget about them when they are not in there! Xxx
  12. Excellent thanks xx
  13. Well said!
  14. Ha ha nothing relaxing being watched!
  15. This is really useful as I would like to try and design my own sequences based around areas requiring attention!
  16. I'm looking for a book that is a bible of yoga poses that as well as gives modifications will also detail what the pose is good for ie hips, chest openers etc.. I very much follow Candace's YouTube videos which are fabulous but I know I need to work on some specific areas to take my yoga practice to the next level so I would like to create my own sequencing but with specific poses that will target my very tight areas. Does anyone have any recommendations please?
  17. It is sometimes very hard not to compare yourself to other people but yoga is a very personal journey and no two journeys are the same.. Everyone will take modifications to suit their mental and physical needs. It's identifying your needs and choosing the most appropriate yoga for you. for me day at my desk = power yoga, very stressful day = relaxing/chill out.. Also everyone will have a pose that hate or want to skip because at this moment in time in your practice it is just to difficult. Why not revisit it in a few months time.. A quote from another yoga teacher " don't worry if you think your not doing a certain pose that your not doing yoga. If you can breath and move you're doing yoga"
  18. Fish giving your feet a pedicure!!! Apparently some fish like to eat the hard skin off feet!! I love a good pedi but not sure I could stand fish nibbling..
  19. Well there's a few to keep me going.. Thanks for the recommendations x
  20. This is so on my wish list...
  21. We have the regulars in our class and we all have our spots! My waiting for class to start is a catch up with fellow yogis.. I never see my fellow yogis other than at yoga.. I've been going to this class for over 2 years and I still don't know names!!
  22. Fab thanks
  23. Wow it worked!! No stopping me now. Thanks
  24. Like this?