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  1. How do you quote a previous post? Every time I've tried it doesn't work. I'm sure there is something very simple I'm not doing... Thanks Michelle
  2. Thanks for the information.. I will keep working on what feels good.
  3. I'm working on my dancer pose.. Is the idea to remain as upright as possible with both legs as straight as possible? I've been working on making my body parallel to the floor whilst lifting my back leg! Not sure what is right..
  4. Oops sorry xx
  5. Candace has a yoga video to help on this. Check it out I'm sure it will help.. I'm still using the wall!
  6. Welcome to yoga.. I would check out Candace YouTube channel she has such a variety of yoga video and different lengths so there really is something for everyone.. I've copied two links for you which are 20 minute videos for beginners.. Good luck
  7. My kids are 6 and 4 and like to join in! I've struggled to find yoga vids for kiddies and I find it difficult to design my own sequences.. If anyone has any suggestions would love to hear them..
  8. I'm always super excited about Candace's challenges. I've chosen bow pose and dancer pose.. They definitely need some work.. I thought my back was breaking while my hubby took the photo turns out I was barely off the ground!
  9. My regular practice began we just a 10 minute practice each day. I could commit to 10 minutes per day. After a few weeks 10 minutes wasn't enough and it became 15, then 20 etc. now I aim for 30 minutes in the evening and 60 minutes at the weekend.. It's become as routine as brushing my teeth..
  10. Candace would you do a blog post or video on how to do dancer pose properly and what mistakes to avoid for the new challenge please?
  11. Another great challenge thank you Candace. I've managed to accomplish baby grasshopper which is great. Although sometimes I still need the block to get me up and can only hold for a few breaths but without this programme I probably would never have achieved this. Roll onto February heart opener programme!! Yippee I'm loving all these yoga programmes..
  12. I did Monday's routine today instead as I would find it very difficult to do 3 x 30 minute routines on a work night! It was just the right mix of routines together. I don't often get chance to do 90 minutes of yoga together but I felt "epic" after.. The core routine was great.. Can't say I love the routine as working the core is really not my favourite or strength but an area I do really need to work on. Perhaps that could be my mantra.. "I love core work" .... I haven't taken a picture of my strength pose for ages. I was trying to get my 6 year old to take a photo but after several failed attempts I ran out of strength to hold the pose!!
  13. One of my aims this year is to work more on my core.. I have been doing my normal practice but doing 5 minute core routine after. Which I can feel strengthening upper stomach. However after having 2 children it is my belly that I really want / need to tighten up. Are there any specific core exercise to target the belly anyone can recommend?
  14. Just did Candace new 45 minute video. Just what I needed after my tough class last night. Need to do some practising on my pose as I have been lacking this week..
  15. Thanks I went to my weekly class tonight and boy it was a tough but great to get me back on track for the strength project!
  16. Boo hoo I've caught a cold off my son and feel a bit pants.. Didn't have the energy to do any yoga last night not even restorative or mediative yoga..
  17. When I have these days I practice restorative and mediative yoga. I concentrate on stretching and relaxing anything else frustrates me!!
  18. Loving this project... My baby grasshopper has improved and I'm able to hold the pose for a couple of breaths. I still don't have the strength to push myself up and still need the block but hey only second week...
  19. after practising yoga daily for some months I become more interested in the the other elements of yoga. So after reading about the 8 branches of yoga and in particular the personal behaviours and non-violence, I got to thinking how others interpret this? Does this element include being a vegetarian and not engaging in consumption of any animal products? Do others think this is an essential element of yoga to be a vegetarian or can you being taken seriously as a yogi and still be a omnivore? I have been thinking a lot about this aspect as I'm not a vegetarian and neither are my family.
  20. I originally started yoga many years ago mainly to take my dad who wanted to keep up his flexibility and really enjoyed it. But I only ever did one class per week.. Which really wasn't very effective. Then I moved and found a really challenging class and our teacher suggested looking up Tara Stiles on YouTube to help with practice at home. I've been doing home practice daily for nearly 12 months and can see a real difference in my strength and flexibility. In the last 6 months I have been trying to explore other aspects of yoga and trying a bit more mediation. I like how yoga is so diverse; you can have strong yoga, restorative, mediative according to your personal circumstances. I like the easy flow of Tara Stiles yoga but wanted to find other yoga styles and challenges. I came across Kino MacGregor and Ashtanga yoga which I enjoyed and eventually found Candace - yeah.. I don't do so much Ashtanga yoga now but still practice daily even if only 10 min restorative / meditative... I would really like to see some vast improvement in my yoga practice and I think this is the year to build my core as this I believe is the sticking point for me for deeper development.
  21. Any yoga poses or sequences that target the bingo wing area? My shoulders and bicep area have toned lovely but the persistent bingo wings are little harder tone...
  22. There are some lovely retreats here Candace.. I hope they are a success and would love to attend one day when I've saved some money (or convince my hubby and kids to have a yoga retreat as a family holiday )
  23. Day 3 completed.. This was tough on my wrists today but it felt easier getting into baby grasshopper than it did crow pose..
  24. Whoop whoop practicising baby grasshopper today I managed to get off the ground (with the aid of a block) and hold for a millisecond!!! Yippee..
  25. I know exactly how you feel the first time I got up into wheel pose I screamed for joy and my husband came running to see if I was ok. He just didn't get it when I told him what I had done! Similar when I got my feet off the ground in crow pose for a microsecond I laughed and lost my concentration and fell on my face.. But the more you practice the stronger you become and the more you concentrate! (I can hold crow for at least 2 seconds now