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  1. So first day completed. I've decided that I'm going to challenge myself and work on baby grasshopper (I couldn't even lift myself!) but also try and improve my crow pose..
  2. Candace has released a new 45 minute video.. I can't wait to try this.. This is an ideal video length for me as I sometimes don't have the time for a full 60 minute practice but want a bit more than 30 minutes.. Thank you Candace...
  3. Me I'm in.. Now what pose to work on..... Do I work on crow pose which I can hold but only for a few seconds or do I try a new pose like baby grasshopper? I can do a supported headstand or forearm stand but still need the support of the wall.. Decision decision any advice welcome..
  4. Ooh you are a tease Candace...
  5. Welcome to yoga.. Could you speak to the instructor before the class and explain your health concerns and ask them to provide some guidance on alternatives during the class? Most instructors would be happy to do this.
  6. I would loooooveeee to attend a retreat but unfortunately don't have the funds.. . Maybe one day xxxx
  7. Just completed the 45 minute video, great strength building and very challenging will enjoying practicing this one Candace.
  8. ha ha I'm not doing very well on this!! " A muffin-top is overhanging fat that spills over the waistline of pants like the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing" Quoted from Wikipedia! Perhaps we should start a thread about all kinds of names for things and see how they differ around the world!
  9. I don't have a private space for practicing yoga in the home or garden so whenever I practice yoga I always wear headphones to keep the distractions to a minimum. Having a 6 and 4 year olds they have a tendency to constantly interrupt my practice. The headphones help keep out the noise of them playing (or fighting) have taught the kids not to interrupt me when I'm practicing and go to their Dad! I have found practicing in the garden makes my practice more playful and explore the space more.. Although I havent attempted to practice in public just my own garden!
  10. Ha ha I thought it was a universal name like love handles or muffin top... I'll keep doing the chaturanga's!
  11. I think you can purchase Candace videos so you can download to your devise and Candace has lots of different lengths of yoga practice to fit into any schedule.
  12. Finished yippee I can see an improvement in my wheel pose..
  13. Fantastic Candace xxx
  14. I would really like some videos on teaching kids yoga. I have 2 kids 6 and 4 and they like to join in but I would like kids specific videos! Although they both love doing headstands with me holding their legs!!!
  15. Ooh sounds exciting Candace can't wait!!
  16. I'm from Suffolk in the UK originally from the Midlands.
  17. When I first committed to practice yoga daily I only committed to 10 minutes a day. This was challenging enough at the time but quite soon you find that you need to increase your practice to achieve the same results! I always listen to my body and choose a video to reflect that. So much more achievable and enjoyable..
  18. I've absolutely loved this project. It has been fabulous.. It was also a great way to sample a variety of Candace's videos. What's the next project Candace? Itching to get started..
  19. Is it hero pose?
  20. That puts me off a Manuka mat too! To spend £80 on a mat and then to have to break it in seems a bit cheeky to me.. I've just ordered a PrAna Eco mat for £35 but I have my eye on a Jade Harmony Professional but it's £70 which I don't have to spend at the moment. So I'm going to check out what the mid range mat is like before investing in the more expensive mat..
  21. I agree.. My wheel pose doesn't look much different but I do feel better in it..
  22. Hi Candace I would love to see a shortish video (20 mins) that can be done whilst on holiday. Obviously it would be lovely to take ALL your extensive videos on holiday but realistic practising them all is not going to happen. So I was looking for a simple/straight forward yoga practice that can be done daily whilst still enjoying the holidays. Thanks
  23. I'm loving being part of the project. My back has been a little tight so have been modifying my practice. Today I did 30 minutes for sciatica this morning and 30 minutes restorative and mediation this afternoon. Haven't been able to get into wheel pose for a while though and definitely not trying today with my back..
  24. I did 60 minutes vinyasa flow today but my back is a little tight today so need to be gentle.
  25. Fantastic well done ...