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  1. I know it's normal to have one side more flexible than the other and for me this is my right hip.. However, this is very inflexible compared to my other side. If is sit cross legged my left knee lies on the floor my right is round by my ear. I struggle to do seated meditation as after a few minutes my left hip/groin area aches. I do poses recommended for hip openers. But my left side is becoming more flexible while my right side remains rigid! Should I just work on the right side for a while to see if I can close the gap. Should I carry on as normal or is there something else I should try or do? Thanks
  2. Wow blindfold yoga is an experience.. I definitely want to try this again.. I was very unsteady on the balance pose and did have to peak a few times to see if I was doing the practice correctly but I think this is one to definitely build trust in your body and listening to Candace's voice!!
  3. Thank you everyone for their personal experiences. This has helped me immensely hearing about others choices.
  4. What about yoga in a chair or seated positions? Have you done a search on YouTube?
  5. Thanks for the information..
  6. I tried oil pulling with coconut oil last night and it took a bit of getting used To!! I also tried the exfoliator but I found it a bit too harsh on my face but it was great for a hand exfoliator.. I will try it as a eye cream.. Not sure about entirely on my face yet though!
  7. Day 9 completed with Candace's 60 minute vinyasa flow video. Loved it.. Found it challenging especially the poses using back-strength it this my new favourite practice.. It just flowed beautifully (probably why it's called flow)..
  8. I did 50 minute strength video today it is one of my favourites. Plus I practiced my wheel pose, supported headstand and bow pose and "now I feel epic"!!!
  9. I sit at a PC all day and if I'm not sat at the PC a then I'm in my car driving... How sedentary is my life.. Good job I love yoga.. Need to try out 10 minute office yoga workout.. Not sure I want to life on my office carpet and do one on the floor..
  10. I loooooovvve tea so much so I thought I would never find anything as good as the good old English breakfast tea (caffeine included). However, thought I should cut down on caffeine and now my favourite tea is liquorice and chamomile and vanilla.. But I'm liking the sound of loose tea. Will have to hunt some down...
  11. Day 5 completed. Whoopi. Also practiced wheel pose, bow pose and supported headstand.
  12. I made a commitment to myself to practice everyday... What I do and for how long depends on how my body is feeling. During the week when I'm working I can only do 30 minutes - at weekends I do 60 minutes and I also attend a 60 minute class. Even when I don't feel like it I do something.. Even if it's just a 10 minute relaxation routine before going to bed and everytime I'm glad I've pushed myself to complete my practice. I also track all my yoga.. There is an app called yoga tracker that I use which is great and I can chart my achievements.
  13. I love pigeon pose.. Although i am very tight in my hips (especially my right to struggle with this).. I've recently mastered crow pose and now working on mastering my headstand.. There are so many poses to chose from it is difficult and I love some more than others depending on how I'm feeling.
  14. Hello I'm Michelle from the UK.. I've been practising yoga for many years but not with any conscious thought behind the practice of yoga. I have a young family and work full time so can only manage one full class per week, which wasn't giving me the results I wanted so I finally decided this year to commit to daily home practice, My main goal for daily practice was to gain strength and flexibility in the body but as my daily practice has developed I find myself exploring the spiritual and wider practice of yoga. I discovered this forum through Candace YouTube channel and I know that this is a place to obtain and give lots of support. I've already started on the 39 days of progress journey.. Whoopi..
  15. I'm a newbie to this forum having recently discovering Candace via YouTube after searching for some more challenging yoga sequences. I've been practising yoga for some years although only seriously for about the last 7 months!! My aim has been to practice a minimum of 30 minutes of yoga each day which I have achieved.. I'm also now really getting into the deeper element of yoga.. I would like to join in with the challenge.. I have chosen wheel pose.. I may have over stretched myself as I'm only just able to get into the position but hey let's give it a go.. At least taking a photo shows me where I'm going wrong..