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  1. Hello All! I am new to the forum. I decided to try to find an online discussion board that revolves around yoga. I have been practicing yoga for awhile now, I am no where near experienced but I have also come a long way since I started. All through years my main focus has been the gym and lifting weights, running miles a day.. after awhile I stopped seeing results which made me work harder then I should of. After years of performing bad form and lifting heavier than I should of I finally hurt my back this past Aug. Managed to damage my discs in my lower back. I was out of commission for more than a month and the pain I can not begin to explain. When I started to move without pain I got told not to do anything strenuous.. that killed me. I tried running again and I was right back on the couch for another week. I gave up on pushing myself. Instead I began my yoga practice again mainly to develop my strength and to work on gaining muscle in my lower back. After a few weeks I noticed a huge difference, as well as my mom and husband. My body is stronger, my posture improved, my hammies and hipflexers are looser and less tight and I am calmer. The pain I encountered finally subsided. When I am on my mat I feel a sense of relaxation, a sense of ease, a sense of calmness. With my experience of body image dis morphia, workout bulimia back from when I was in high school, till working my hardest thinking I am doing it all right to finally hurting my back,. I realized that for the first time I am okay with my body and I do not obsess over what I cannot control, I realized my body is strong, my mind is getting stronger, The gym I do not crave like I use to and I don't feel the need to run daily and kill my knees even more. It has been a very long journey and struggle. Like everyone taken baby steps and starting all over again it is the worse feeling. And my biggest challenge. No, none of you have to know a brief history of my past. But I am telling you because I came to a conclusion that everything has happened for a reason. I am exactly where i need to be and I am grateful for all the experiences that I have went through with first hand experience. I have been around the block with career decisions, asking myself what is my calling, what am I meant to do, what do I even want to do. Never coming up with a straight answer, but I am thick headed and everything that I have tried I never followed through with. I finally have found it, by being mindful and realizing what I went through physically, emotionally, and mentally I realized I want to help and guide others on a life journey that they are stuck in. The circle of life that makes you go round and round only to land you in the same spot as before. You feel unaccomplished and stuck between two walls, feeling that something is holding you back. But I am stuck myself, how am I to go about a journey that I am uncertain of? So I ask you, if you can help. How do I become a yoga teacher? Where do I go to search sources that can help and guide me in the right direction. Specializing in skeletal transformation and mindful movement in which to help heal an injury. I want to gain more knowledge and educate myself so I can be the one others lean on for help and support. If any one has any advise, I would appreciate the help. Thank You for taken the time to read this very long drawn out forum. :-)