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  1. Thank you, Candace, for your quick response! I'll try your suggestions and see if that helps. Hope you are having a good weekend!
  2. HI, Candace! I'm fairly new to yoga. I've only been practicing about a year. My problem is my wrists and hands. I work in a medical laboratory that involves a lot of manual manipulations. My hands are constantly tired. My arms are also affected by this at times, as well. I have pain in my hands, wrists, and forearms much more often than I would like. The pain is enough to make me dread certain poses and as mental as I try to get to relax my muscles to ease my pain, my muscles just aren't listening. I think they are staying tense which will probably cause some injury at some point. My question to you involves proper strengthening of the wrists and proper alignment when in weight bearing poses such as downward facing dog. What are some exercises and stretches to encourage healthy wrists and hands? Also, it would be wonderful if you have any suggestion for a type of wrist support that is available that would be minimal and not interfere with natural movement (for the most part) that I could use during my practice. Thank you so much and what you have here is very beneficial for so many. <3