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  1. Ahhhh... I missed the sale!!!
  2. I was debating on whether or not to get a bolster. I used a pillow when I did Candace restorative yoga flow. It was relaxing but I wonder if it would be better with a bolster. I want to make sure I would definitely use it and I wasn't sure what kind to get. I will look into the hugger mugger.
  3. From the album a little bend here a little bend there

    Photo bombed by the little one.
  4. From the album a little bend here a little bend there

    My Forearm Headstand for the 31 day strength challenge
  5. Hello everyone! Day one. I've decided to do forearm headstand. I watched your video Candace, for the 10th time... I just completed the suggested workout sequence. I REALLY need to work on my core strength/balance.....sheesh! But I'm feeling pretty good about it. My lift off was quite smooth, I just have to work on my core to keep my legs upright. My feet continuously bounced off the wall. haha My initial picture will be posted soon. I wish everyone well with their project.
  6. I am in....I enjoyed the last challenge. I'm not sure what pose I want to do. I've been working myself up to headstand (adding dolphin pose in my flows to improve my strength). I haven't graduated beyond dolphin pose.. I've also played around with crow pose. I'm still debating..... but I'm leaning towards headstand because I think that would be easier to work towards in 30 days..... Looking forward to this challenge
  7. Thank you Candace. I will try it tonight.
  8. Thank you Meugenio. I was putting too much focus on balancing on just my head. I will try shifting the pressure.
  9. From the album a little bend here a little bend there

    My little yoga buddy.
  10. From the album a little bend here a little bend there

    I need my back to be more flexible...
  11. Today I decided to try the steps for a headstand.The furthest I get is the dolphin pose which I expected but because I can't remember the last time I tried a headstand (childhood days maybe) but not because it hurt the top of my head. I can stay in dolphin pose for a few seconds but it feels uncomfortable on the crown of my head. Has anyone experienced the uncomfortable feeling and does it go away?
  12. Hello. My name is Thais. I am reading this post from New Jersey. I love your YouTube videos Candace and decide to follow on pinterest and instagram. I have practiced yoga on and off but I plan to stick with it. I'm definitely a Newbie, I embrace that title. ☺