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  1. I'm back! The last time I posted I was beyond panicked and anxious about starting teaching. I've since started subbing at a studio and am picking up quite a few classes. My next hurdle is creating new, fresh sequences. I find that I really want to stick to my favorite flows because... Well they flow! I know I can add in variations focusing on specifics like hip or shoulder openers, for example, and switch up poses here and there but i still feel like the sequences seem the same. Additionally, a lot of our students are older and many classes are "gentle" so I feel bound to mostly beginner poses. I guess I'm just curious about others opinions or experiences with sequencing.
  2. Thank you for your replies! I couldn't agree more and really appreciate the tips. I will also use the resources you provided (just ordered all 3 of Mark Stephens books.) Sometimes I think I'm just terrified of not being the teacher I expect of myself starting out. But you're so right @brenskip55 that that's just not practical. My husband reminds me the same thing. As much as I'd like to have a yoga mentor or friend to run things by, I do not which is how I ended up turning to this forum. Many of the people I graduated training with have found themselves in the same boat. But I will persevere! ? Thanks again for taking the time to reply!
  3. I went to Thailand for 4 weeks in October to get my 200 hour certification. It was intense. Really intense. And amazing. Now that I'm home I feel like it wasn't sufficient. I feel like we spent more time on the philosophy of yoga, pranayama, meditation and kriyas than we did on anatomy, adjustments, verbal cues and proper alignment. I'm paranoid that I'm unprepared to teach because I don't have a solid foundation of what I need most when teaching a class. After spending thousands of dollars on my certification I find that I need MORE training. Just wondering if I'm simply not being confident in myself or anyone else has found themselves in a similar position. Would love to hear your personal feedback!