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  1. Hey ya'll! I have been so incredibly enthused by mindfulness, meditation, mind management, personal development, etc. I have been working on a morning routine of writing, studying (I'm studying to become a CFP), meditating and exercising. The only problem is, literally no form of exercise has tickled my fancy and I can already do a few great yoga poses just from working on them totally randomly time and time again (crow and head stands). I've been doing headstands, walking on my hands and back bends since I was in first grade and that all comes pretty easily to me now. SO I had an aha moment the other day and realized DUH I NEED TO DO YOGA!!! Especially in the mornings since I've already gotten the get-up-2-hrs-earlier than you have to routine (5am to be exact :/). I'm so freaking excited to begin. Not to mention I couldn't have found a better site than this one to begin my journey!