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  1. Thank you so much for the welcome Candace! Your videos help me so much, not only physically but mentally too. In a way, when I'm doing yoga I'm able to tune everything out and focus on me and stay in the moment! I'm able to have and understand mindfulness.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm really excited about finding this forum! In November 2015 I set a goal for exercising, to actually do it. I never have made exercise a habit, I also always wanted to do yoga but thought I would only be able to do it in a class. Well, in November 2015 I discovered Yoga By Candace, and ever since I have watched her videos and have made yoga a daily habit!! I'm really proud of myself for looking back and realizing how long I've stuck with it. Each day that I do it, I feel accomplished! With each pose that feels even just a tiny bit more possible I feel more motivated to continue! These videos are genuinely the only videos I have found that don't make me feel like an outsider to the yoga world. And now I'm happy I found this forum! I hope to make friends on here and even maybe find an exercise buddy to keep eachother motivated! So with that said, I look forward to meeting others on here!