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  1. Nothing like morning yoga practice to get you out of your head + into your body! #Bliss

  2. 30 Minute Energise Yoga Flow | Video https://t.co/9xPPGo81Ax on @bloglovin

  3. @baseformula Yes I will! Thank you :)

  4. RT @juicystar007: NEW VIDEO IS UP! UNBOX W/ ME! https://t.co/BeLpByDmr3 RT FOR A FOLLOW :D

  5. Super fun & busy flow yoga class this morning! I love my Wednesday yogis ?

  6. @CatJStorey I am obsessed with pinning everything wedding!

  7. @danceflowlift I know! I replied with a strong NO!!

  8. My first post for @HuffPoLifestyle is live! Please read + share! Five Tips for Self Care and Why It Is Important https://t.co/KjB0eYyYNc

  9. @iClaireLoves It was lovely! Maybe a bit pricy tho ?

  10. We are off to our first wedding fayre today! Yay!!!!

  11. @juicystar007 Frozen on google plus but running fine on YouTube :)

  12. Waiting for an emergency plummer... the joys of owning your own house #Yay

  13. BIG #FF to @TrueStartCoffee - a Bristol based COFFEE company with goals for the soul! + check out their new website https://t.co/kDp9V8mbP7

  14. January 2016 Intentions https://t.co/PBkIqDUsaz on @bloglovin

  15. Oh hello Slovakia & Uruguay! #BlogReaders ?? https://t.co/6UQqco556B