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  1. is this starting next week? I'm such an impatient person. and very excited to start a new program . haha
  2. Hi all, I have been practicing yoga for a bit now and am starting to get really into it since finding Candace on YouTube. I have now started to think about becoming an instructor, however I have some hesitation on thinking that I would not be good at it because I am not the most flexible. This gives me real reservations about the whole idea. I was wondering if there is anyone here that went through YTT and became an instructor that might have been in the same situation as me or if there are poses that I should be able to do before YTT? Also any studding I should do or things i should know before hand? Any help or advice is great. Thank you Kelly
  3. This is all great. Thank you all. Think it will defiantly take me some time to learn it but I’m excited to start learning.
  4. Hi all, I am just getting into Yoga as a daily practice and am loving it. But I am not good at knowing the “language” of yoga? I would love to learn how to say the names of yoga poses and different kinds of yoga practices. I’m probably not explaining this well at all. Sorry. Does anyone have any good web sites or posts or anything that will go over how to say the names and describe what they are? Sorry if this is confusing. Kelly
  5. This was so much fun. I can’t believe how much I have been able to do. I can not only hold crow pose now but I was able to transition from crow to tripod and then up into and hold a HEADSTAND. I never thought that I would be able to do that, let alone hold it. I am excited to start the 31 day strength project. (I know it’s an old one but being new to the blog/community I haven’t done it) Thank you so much Candace for the work you do, I love that I can go back to your old projects and give it a try. Kelly
  6. Thanks Candace. I have been getting closer to holding the pose longer. Sadly I took off most of last week because I got a head cold and turning my face to the floor made me feel like my head was going to explode. but yesterday’s Yin Yoga was exactly what I was needing after feeling bad about not really being into my weight workout at lunch. It made me feel great.
  7. HI, So I have been trying to think all week on what my goal is for this challenge. I know that I want to work on flexibility, and honestly I am new to really practicing yoga (I have taken classes about once a week but that was before I had my baby who is now almost 2) I work out 5 times a week and have started cross country skiing on top of that, so I am an active person I think, and would say about average flexibility. I really want to be able to do crow pose but just don’t know if that would be an attainable goal for me to set. Any advice? Or any pose ideas that would be a good goal for a somewhat newbie? thanks for the help. Kelly
  8. yes. I order from them and I have to Skip most months because its just not in the budget right then. And its so easy to do. The only down side for me because I live in Alaska is it takes almost a month to get to me and even though it says free shipping I still have to pay $9. but i do like there clothes. Just wish they had some cute tops for High impact.
  9. I would be very interested in that also. I am new to doing yoga everyday and am making it my goal to do it every day this year. but I do know that with lifting weights 4 days a week I get tight and its hard for me to relax. If that helps I would be interested in trying it out. your videos are great and I love watching them. Thank you for what you do.