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  1. Making my first batch of bone broth in the next couple of days; tips, tricks, words of wisdom? I'm making it in preparation of a stretch of long, long days that will be taxing in almost every way a thing could be taxing. I've been pretty well practiced at "just getting through" this kind of scheduling nightmare but I hate feeling like I need a week long sleep at the end. Any advice for staying healthy and rested during the craziest of times is more than welcome. Thanks friends! ~ Bri
  2. Hi guys! I'm attempting the Wheat Free lifestyle over Lent this year, I like trying new things over Lent... it's a good solid but workable trial period. Have any of you made this switch? What were your experiences?
  3. Hey guys! I've been following the blog for a long time but have only recently (you know... today) got onto the forum. I'm big into bikram when I can afford it, but love my home practice and my YBC practice as well. My other love is theatre, which allows me to move around quite a bit, but this post (and i hope many more) is coming from Seattle! I'm currently on the hunt for ways to deepen my practice frugally at home and would love to embark on teacher training within the next 5 years. Also... I will be starting my first blog soon as I'm giving up wheat for lent and want to chronicle the experience in a way I might actually maintain. Big love!
  4. Hi Candace, My name is Bri, an occasionally broke due to moving for work kind of gal (theatre) and I've been in love with yoga for 7 years now. With the current lack of time and funding, I'm looking for some at home courses akin to teacher training to deepen my personal practice and understanding of the body until I am able to actually get to a class/embark on teacher training myself. I have a stack of yoga anatomy and philosophy books, among others, I just don't thrive as well without the guidance or structure. Do you have any at home courses you can recommend? Or tips to building your own? Many thanks and love, Bri