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  1. Hi guys, I've recently been contacted by Herbalife, and asked to complete a '3 day nutrition trial'. Of course it's one of these companies that get you to try the products (nutrition drinks and supplements in my case), give you body composition checks etc and a load of freebies to try out in the hope you will sign up to them, and maybe even start pushing the products yourselves. I'm extremely skeptical, but also kinda intrigued. I know it's an international company, so was just wondering if anyone had any good or bad experiences or stories from either yourselves,or friends or family? I'd love to hear about them, from what i've read on their website its extremely vague (of course) and i've read some awful and some very positive reviews. Hope you guys can help me! Grace xx
  2. Sorry YBC forum, my bad! Momentarily slipped my mind. Have removed said question. Sorry!
  3. Hey! Thanks for the input. I'm going to give the trial a go, I just don't think being a rep is for me. Not sure I agree with replacing meals with shakes as a long term healthy solution.
  4. I'm just about to start my YTT, and i'm not anywhere near as flexible as some people that i go to classes with, but of course that will come with time. If you have confidence in what you can teach comfortably, you can learn and grow along with your students. Good Luck!!
  5. I ALWAYS keep meaning posting on here during the challenges and i never do! Seen some amazing progress from people instagram!! I've had such a difficult time with this challenge, I've never devoted much time to headstands, and I didn't think they would be so difficult! But oh my god they are!!! and today I finally managed to get up into one without the aid of a wall and hold it, i'm so happy because i seriously thought I was running out of time with this challenge! Will be posting my (short haha) headstand clip later!! xx
  6. Hi Candace, I'm Grace and currently reading this from Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the UK. Been following and using your youtube for about a month or two now....some really helpful and amazing videos!