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  1. amazing! just can't wait, I've always wanted to do splits, hope that this time I will
  2. I think it's this kind of AMRAP when you do As Many Rounds As Possible, am I right? So one round is 10 burpees, 15 air squats, 20 mountain climbers and then all over again for 10 minutes. I planned it for today, can't waittttttt but I'm sure it's not gonna be easy Also, I have to tell you that I can see myself getting stronger, since day 7 I am able to do the baby grasshopper pose on both sides!
  3. I'm totally into it and as it is my first yoga challenge I think I can really make it. Recently I've started something similar on my own but it's so much better doing this with the whole group together and with the plan. I modified it a little bit cause I need one more day for one of my favourite workout for the whole body, instead of one day of yoga I think. But I always do yoga as a cool down so it's still there with me, helping to calm and stretch. Can't imagine stretching without downward dog and pigeon pose, these are my absolute favourites. As my challenge pose I've also chosen baby grasshopper. I'm able to do it on the right side for a moment but never made it on the left. Also hope that I'll make my crow pose better, I can only stay there for like a few seconds. So I wanna make it better, get stronger, stretch, lose some weight and BE FULL OF BEANS
  4. Hi!

    Hiii everyone! My name is Oliwia and I live in Poland. I'm quite a new yogi, started it in June with some breaks. But actually everyday I'm falling in love with yoga more and more. Lately I practice those power yoga videos which are totally amazing!! Unfortunately, I got sick few days ago so I don't have enough power to practice and because of that I've just started reading the forum and can't wait until I'll be able to do some practice longer that 15 minute gentle yoga. Nice to meet all of you guys!