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  1. There'a actually a huge selection for yoga gears for men although maybe not as "fashionable" as those yoga pants and crop tops catered for women. Also most men are not really that picky when it comes to sports wear, as long as its breathable and comfy they're good to go, or maybe most men I encounter with are not as picky as women Some shops that sells men's yoga clothing are AloYoga.com, TheUpsideShop.com, even big brands like Old Navy has a section for men's yoga clothing. Another option is instagram and Facebook, there are a lot of online seller in that platform.
  2. well, I do feel those down times but nice words like this would always get any newbie going it makes me want to continue my yoga journey and just shrug off those images of "perfect" yogis I constantly see on my news feed off my head, Oh by the way, any yoga moves you can advice while sitting in front of the computer? the subtle one's since I dont want my boss or colleagues to ask me what Im doing during office hours
  3. Can you also help me, I am really new with Yoga, in fact I haven't even joined a yoga class (hopefully soon), I only know yoga base on Youtube videos and been doing those basic yoga poses base on what I've seen , so my question is, can you help me create a routine that would last around 10-15 minutes that would not harm a newbie like me? is that possible?