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  1. Exercise Meditation is simple and relaxing exercise. We first do a bit heavy exercise and meditate in sleeping position. This meditation is targeted specially to age group 15-40 years old. I don’t recommend this meditation to those having heart problem and high blood pressure. They can meditate with other simple meditation technique. Good blood circulation and deep breathing is the main secrets of this meditation. Many of us are doing this exercise unknowingly too. Those whose can’t stay in meditation due to distraction of dreaming can do this meditation. When you are physically tired, your mind is more concentration towards yourself. I don’t recommend this meditation to those having heart problem and high blood pressure. For exercise you can choose playing soccer, basketball, skipping, running, push up, pull up and so on that will circulate your blood. I prefer skipping because it gives full body movement and everyone can manage space for this exercise. Step 1: Exercise Do skipping or any other exercise for 10 minutes or till you sweat. Step 2: Relaxation Sleep in the level surface and watch your breathing after exercise. At the beginning breathing with be short and fast later slow and calm. Observe your breathing how it comes and goes. You can take small nap too. Experience with Exercise Meditation You will feel fresh and energized with this exercise meditation. It will make you feel younger and active at your daily activities. Please practice by yourself and share your experience.
  2. Why mediation ? Many people are practicing daily yoga and meditation simultaneously from thousands of year. The numbers are growing day by day searching for appropriate meditation that everyone can do with minimum effort and time. Core of meditation is to get enlighten. At present day, meditation are done to be active,dull mind, increase concentration, relaxing with minimum time.No matter what your reason for practicing meditation you will be benefited of sure.
  3. Hello and Namaste to everyone from me Rajan Shilpakar. I profile name is Noblesilence which contain deep meaning as silence from every possible ways to communicate so I can listen my inner voice during meditation. I have been practicing Yoga and meditation with different gurus since 8 years. I am still learning different technique for easy and simple way to meditate.