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  1. Yeah great, Sandra. I am wiriting from Germany, too. :-)
  2. Hello, welcome to this forum. Greetings
  3. Ah okay. No demand?
  4. Hello :-) for nearly one year, I make yoga from joy! :-) I heard of Bikram yoga (BY) and I would like to increase my flexibility. Thus, I wonder whether BY is appropriate for a man with one year yoga experience? Best! :-)
  5. Based on my own expericences, I wouldn't recommend it. It is perhaps a liitle bit too demanding.
  6. I have problems with the flexibility of my left hip. See photos. Many thanks in advance and a great weekend :-)
  7. I must say that the YBC hip challange is really helpful. :-)
  8. Hey Candace! I like your website (blog + forum + videos) very much! :-) Your videos helped me so much! I very much hope that more people use your forum. It is a very good medium for conversation! :-) Best!
  9. @KateZena Yes, that's an alternative to yoga :-) But I don't have a horse Here I found the YBC hips challange: http://yogabycandace.com/blog/yoga-for-tight-hips-week-1 I'm looking forward!
  10. @KateZena Many thanks :-* The advice by @LarryD517 helped me to improve the downward-facing dog pose. Sit crossed-lagged, I feel that my hips are still inflexible :/ I will try YBC video =)
  11. Dear Andreea, =) maybe @KateZena 's knee support helps. =) Greetings
  12. I think PRO TOUCH running-tight is also pretty good for yoga. =)
  13. @KateZena I don't want to change my opinion!
  14. @yogadk We are all different. And that is a godd thing. :-) Maybe the reason is .... I have never worn a thong. @KateZena You are a funny girl. :-)
  15. @KateZena Thanks. :-) Yes. I prefer option #3. @yogadk Thanks. :-) The shorty by Nike are spiffy as KateZena mentioned. My former girlfriend wears thongs ... she wouldn't like me to see in a thong xD Neither do I wear a bro bra.
  16. So men have also problems with boxer lines. Recently, I bought two new pair of pants. I think this is the first time I wear tight pants as a man. I have also loose shorts. So I wonder what I should wear. So I have three options: #1 #2 #3 What is a good option for a yoga class? Best and many thanks in advance!
  17. @LarryD517 You are funny. Okay, I will tuck my shirt into pants. @KateZena I will buy Rambo knee support ... looks pretty good. :-) @scottcraft Maybe I have to eat and drink more. So I will have a pot belly, too. Haha ... it will prevent that my shirt rides up. Best!
  18. Hello :-) in the the downward faing dog my tank top (H&M; small) slips towards the shoulders and shows more than you like others to see. Tuck the top in my pants is not a solution ... is not fashionable. Best and thanks!
  19. OMG
  20. Haha In fact, I can't do this pose ...
  21. Hello, in the downward-facing dog pose I have the problem to lift my left leg. How can I fix this problem? Best & Thanks!
  22. This is really helpful! Thank you very much, Larry! Best!
  23. Hello so I wore the shorts multiple times. However, I am looking for stretch shorts because the material of my current shorts is in some poses uncomfortable. Any suggestions? Best!
  24. I tried the shorts. It is really comfortable! :-) Sometimes a tighter pant would be better. I am searching ...