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  1. Haha ... your husband is funny. It is worth a try! Sometimes I have knee problems, so I am looking for long pants that support the knee ...
  2. Hello everyone, I am from Germany and new to yoga. Since 01/10/2015 I practice buti yoga - so I am a Yogi for almost five months. I started yoga, as I wanted to enhance my back strength. At the beginning yoga was really hard for me, because I was not flexible enough. I improved quickly. Now it is fun to practice yoga. I hope I find some people here who I can talk to ... Best!
  3. Hello! As a man I wonder what kind of underwear is best for yoga? My normal boxer shorts (normal trunks by H&M) have a quite tight waistband. That is not so comfortable when I practice yoga. One size bigger is not an option ... I tried that. Best!
  4. Hello! I am looking for yoga poses for stretching shoulder girdle and thoracic spine. This sequence was really good: However, I am looking for a short sequence that focuses on stretching shoulder girdle and thoracic spine. Best & Thanks!
  5. Hello all! Thank you so much for your great answers! :-) I am a beginner ... so no expert yogi. Best!
  6. thanks. :-) I find this community very useful. Best
  7. Thank you very much, LarryD! :-) Thanks, JaeRustia! :-) AloYoga provides nice pants. Unfortunately, I don't find the TheUpsideShop. Best
  8. Larry, thank you very much for your advice! I catch up on yoga pants by Prana. However, I believe that they are not high-waisted. Nevertheless, I will contact Prana. Robert, thanks for your recommendation! :-) Are they high-waisted? Best!
  9. Hello! :-) I am looking for high-waisted yoga pants for men. Do you have recommendations for me? Best!