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  1. I do CrossFit, yoga and weight lifting:


    Here is my weight lifting routine:

    - chin-up: 3 x max

    - deadlift: 5 x5

    - bench press: 3 x 6-8

    - bent over barbell rowing: 3 x 8

    - squats: 3 x 6-8

    - military press: 2 x 8



  2. Dear yogafire! :-)


    Thank you for your helpful comments! :)

    Well, that is interesting. But I am not your husband. :D

    Unfortunately, I do not have a Uniiqio nearby ... and I did not find Nike Bintage Gym pants for men either . :/

    Greetings! :)





  3. On 13.12.2016 at 10:00 AM, SweetHeritage said:



    I am new here in this forum. I am from Germany and I would like to ask you whether you can suggest me some yoga clothes (pants, tops, undies) for my boyfriend? I want to motivate him to visit a yoga class with me by giving him yoga clothes ;-)


    I hope you can help me ;-)


    Love & Greetings


    Dear Lara,


    I am also from Germany. :) Unfortunately, I did not see your post before Christmas.


    Nevertheless, my recommendations are:

    - Pants: Onzie's Woven Pants - Levels http://www.onzie.com/woven-pant-levels/

    - Tops: H&M tank top http://www.hm.com/de/product/50653?article=50653-B

    - Underwear: H&M trunks http://www.hm.com/de/product/60576?article=60576-D

    or I go commando :)

    Greetings :)

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