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  1. Can I just say that I am loving this challenge?
  2. I am all about frozen fruit! I don't tend to use recipes, either. I have a good base on hand (almond milk or regular milk, or Greek yogurt) and then add whatever I've got. I love throwing in spinach/kale/broccoli, too. Don't forget spices - cinnamon and/or turmeric are so good for you, and add lots of pizzazz!
  3. I struggle with breakfasts, because I am always rushed, but I try to make sure protein is a big component. If it's a really rushed day, I'll use my vegan protein powder and make a simple shake/smoothie, then I eat at work (usually fruit/eggs). Overnight oats are a great thing, too. It is my dream to be organized enough to set up 5 mason jars full of yummy things, so that all I have to do the night before is pour water/almond milk/milk over and put it in the fridge. I also learned recently that you can "hard boil" eggs in the oven, so I do this on Sundays. I put the eggs in a cupcake tray and bake them at 350 for 30 minutes. Job done, no real mess, and I can just grab them from the fridge through the week.
  4. Oooh, Earl Grey is my ultimate favorite. But I love loose-leaf green tea, and pu-erh, and a good milk oolong. My friend in England recently sent me a care package (I've just moved back to the states after 15 years there) from the London Tea Club and the selection is amazing. I'm saving up to do an order from 3 Seeds Tea.
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm hungry now! I ended up cooking more than I needed for last week, so threw the extra sauce and "stew" in the freezer for future use. So handy!
  6. I'm in, and I'm going bridge pose. Can't wait!
  7. Thanks angieeatspeace! I decided to try doing just that this weekend. I made a simple tomato sauce for the week to use as a base for soups or with eggs, and a sort of veggie stew with garbanzos for protein. I portioned everything out for the week, and I just have to cook up some quinoa or brown rice at home if I want to add it. I didn't think to cook some quinoa ahead of time. Thanks for the suggestions! A stir fry sounds yummy right now!
  8. Thank you!!
  9. Hi both! Thank you for your replies! Meugenio, I am now starving! And allieoxenfree - YES, thank you - I always forget about skinnytaste... and my slow cooker!! Yay!
  10. There are five of us in our family, and two of the kiddos are incredibly picky due to autism. Everyone eats at different times (husband works nights, I work days, kids eat early.) I've given up on big family meals around the table - for the time being. I've recently lost 15 pounds, and I'm on track during the day at work - but I get home, I'm tired, and by the time it's my turn to eat - uninspired. I'd appreciate any quick and healthy dinner inspo! Thanks!
  11. Looks great, thanks! This has come at a really good time.
  12. Thanks to a friend, I recently read The Signature of All Things. It's wonderful. Currently reading Contact by Carl Sagan, thanks to the same friend!
  13. Hi! I'm Beth, and I'm reading from Austin, TX.