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  1. Hi everyone, With a team of masters students we're working on a project on yoga mats. Currently we're doing a research on interactive yoga mats and its possible features and were wondering whether they're useful or not. Could you please help...[MODERATOR REMOVED LINK]. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a 23 year old masters student and got really interested in yoga. I started to learn about yoga for a project on yoga mats at our university where I currently work on. A few weeks ago I went to a yogaclass for the first time and it was a really nice experience. Also I've been watching yoga exercises online, including the ones of YBC and have been reading a lot on the traditions and culture of yoga. I've been reading on this forum as well and got interesting new insights, thanks! For a research I have some questions and would really like to have your opinions. I will post these in the ask a yoga question forum. I'm looking forward to learn and get inspired by you:)