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  1. Thank you! I will check with her and see if she's comfortable trying some more poses. And you're totally right, I need to be careful with my suggestions. I really appreciate your feedback!
  2. Hi there, I am a new yoga teacher and I am still getting familiar with all of the injuries out there and what yoga poses to use in order to help certain injuries. One of my students has severe pain when she is sitting in a cross legged position as well as pigeon. However, this pain is only in the inner left thigh towards the groin area, not in the back, hip, or in the rest of the leg. She is okay if she does pigeon on the right side. She said it doesn't feel like muscle pain but more so like a pinched nerve. I have given her modifications in postures, but I am wondering what this could be? She said it's been going on for awhile (over a year). She only started yoga within the past 6 months. It would help to have a better idea of what is physically going on with her so I could give her more appropriate modifications or find postures that will help reduce the pain all together. Any ideas? Thanks, Heather