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  1. I've been wanting to take classes. I know I would get more out of my practice and hopefully become part of a yoga community and make yoga friends. There's two gyms in my area that have yoga classes as part of the monthly fee. Unfortunately, the class times are during my work hours. I don't have any yoga studios near me either. The area I live in doesn't have much of a yoga presence. It's sad.
  2. Hello all! I've been doing yoga for about a year. I'm loving it. I mainly follow candace on YouTube. It's by far my favorite channel. I'm really wanting to advance my yoga and be able to do some of the more advance poses that candace can do. I know I need to get stronger, flexible and better balance. I'm looking for a good gym routine and different workouts to help my yoga. I'm currently just doing standard weight lifting. If anyone has some good workouts I can do at the gym that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.