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  1. that's great! keep up the good work. and thanks for dropping by.
  2. thanks. i liked what you said and i agree with you. as for your question. yes, there are yoga studios in india, but i'm kind of a lone wolf type. so, i pretty much do things by myself.
  3. thank you again for answering . it did alleviate some of my doubts. but now i have a new question for you. did you learn poses while 'playing around' with the practice or did you learn the poses first and then applied them or used them in your sequences. i watch all these youtube videos and i see yogis/yoginis performing sequences with advanced poses and my jaw just drops while watching them. for example, take a heart opening sequence that ends with wheel pose or urdhva dhanurasana. do i practice that sequence again and again until i'm proficient in those poses or do i practice each pose and then apply them to these heart or hip openers or restorative or flexibility building sequences? sorry, if i posted a long one. i'm just too excited because i already see the result of the little practice i've accomplished so far. thanks again.
  4. hello there. thanks for dropping by. if you don't mind would please state the pattern or structure of your yoga practice that you follow, say, on weekly basis. thanks again.
  5. thanks for taking the time to ans my question. i agree with what you said. can i just add one more question to it: does one learn new poses by doing the sequences or do i have to learn the poses first and then perform the sequences? thanks again.
  6. This might sound a bit silly, but how often should i do my yoga? i come from a weight training background. as you all know, in WT no same muscle in trained on consecutive days. there are these 'rest days'. i was wondering whether yoga has these rest days, too. the thing is i'm doing my yoga by referring to BK Iyengar's book 'Light on Yoga'. He has given a course in his book. i was wondering whether i should do the same routine everyday of the week or, say, three days a week. or, should i alternate between two or more sequences? like sequence A on mon, wed, fri and sequence B on tue, thu, and sat? thanks in advance.
  7. A big helloooo to everyone from me, here from India. i've been into fitness on and off. i used to do weight training and do a bit of cardio. i just started yoga. it's been over two months i feel good. i basically learned about yoga from books and online videos like candaces'. i suffered a few injuries over the years and i've heard yoga can help people like me to heal and be healthy again. i've a weak core. i'm hoping to strengthen that. i hope i get to talk and discuss things with same minded people here. thank you.